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100 Cupboards

By: N. D. Wilson


Henry York has a dream. He is standing on a hill near a large stone, under an ancient tree, with his pet wolf at his side. Something about the place, the stone, and the tree feels vaguely familiar, although he can't quite wrap his head around it. And then he finds the cupboard doors hidden behind plaster in his attic bedroom. Each one is unique and beautiful, but there's one'close to the ground, old, black, and unlocked that he is more afraid of than words. But Henry's cousin won't take "no" for an answer, and when she becomes locked behind one of the cupboards, it is up to Henry to face his fears, and his secret past, to bring his cousin back alive.

Which cupboard door will you choose?



Prepared by Debbie Stanton, Youth Services Librarian, Kalona Public Library, Kalona, Iowa