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Ninja Puppets

About Night of the Ninjas

In Night of the Ninjas, the search for Morgen le Fay begins as Jack and Annie are transported back to ancient Japan, where they find themselves in the cave of a ninja master. Will the evil samurai warriors get to Jack and Annie before they can learn the secrets of the ninjas?


Classroom Connections

Activities for Night of the Ninjas

  • Create a ninja sword, cutting the shapes of a short, straight, single-edged blade and straight hilt out of posterboard. Wrap the blade in aluminum foil and paint the hilt to achieve desired effects.
  • Have them cut out ninja shapes and mount them on sticks to create shadow puppets for a “behind-the-sheets” demonstration of how these “shadow warriors” slid in nature’s darkness. Or let them color the figure for a fun class puppet show.Curriculum:
    • Art
    • Social Studies

Teaching ideas provided by Jamay Johnson, second grade teacher, and Melinda Murphy, media specialist, Reed Elementary School, Cypress Fairbranks Independent School District, Houston, Texas.