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2011 February 22
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by prgiff

It’s still winter, still cold, and the wind has blown so fiercely that the table on the balcony lies on its side; plows have left over five feet of snow along the paths.

Still if I look hard enough I can see that winter’s back, while not broken yet, is beginning to bend.

Every day the band of moving water on the pond grows wider. The ice on both sides is marked with myriads of prints, delicate bird tracings, squirrels, of course, but there are others, too. Certainly those of the fox who hightails it back to his den after a night of hunting. And although I can’t identify their prints I know that raccoons and possums cross.

The willow trees that bend over the pond are yellow and a large triangular of green grass has appeared on the sunny side. No, the grass isn’t really green, it’s more khaki, but the geese love it. They peck away, humming. We have only the pair now; others have come and gone during the winter. These two will begin to defend their property with stretched out beaks and loud honking (this pond is taken!)as mating season comes close.

The garden room shows promise, too. This endless snow has brought its own bonus; light. I keep the temperature at sixty degrees so along with that blessed light, the camelias are beautiful, the geraniums are in bud, and surprisingly, the impatiens that came in last fall are all in bloom.

Hold on, I tell myself, spring is coming, it really is. Daylight Savings Time begins on March 13th. We can plant pansies outside on March 23rd, and begin flats of seedlings anytime now.

I write best in that garden room. In a few days, I’ll be able to move the couch next to the window and work out there again in the early mornings.


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