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A Blog Tour—Imagine!

2010 August 17
by prgiff

When I first began to write, I had to type my manuscripts. Carbon left purple prints, white-out left thick blobs. How hard it was to revise: every page was typed over and over.

I know, it was a long time ago.

But what a difference computers made in my life; A flick of the finger to change a word, a paragraph. A moment to check the year Chanel No. 5 was produced, another moment to find out how much it cost to mail a letter in 1932, both for my Rachel book.

And that’s as far as it went until this summer. But inch by inch I’m learning this new skill called blogging. The writing is such fun, fast and easy, a joy for me.

And then the next step: a blog tour. How about that? No trains, no planes, no hotels! Feet up, computer on my lap, visiting all these sites that are so fascinating to me. So here’s where I’ve been, and where I’m going.

August 10th       Cynsations                      

August 11th       Random Acts of Reading

August 12th       Where the Best Books Are!

August 13th       Shelf Elf                                    

August 14th       Mundie Moms                    

August 15th       The Children’s Book Revie

August 16th       Chicken Spaghetti         

August 17th       Patricia Reilly Giff         

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  1. August 18, 2010

    Hi Pat!
    I HATED writing so much that I went into elementary ed general instead of spec ed. I was learning disabled and I made a lot of mistakes when I wrote by hand. When I typed, it was quicker and easier except that I made a lot of typing mistakes. Nightmare! When computers came out for home use, I thought I had at long last found the great equalizer. Up until that point I had resisted higher education, I just couldn’t handle the writing. When I finally decided to go back to become a school librarian 33 credits was a daunting proposition. Unfortunately, in our small state, only one university offers classes and that summer they were being offered 2 hours from us. So I was told I could take my computer electives. I took 6 credits on computers and found out what a blessing modern technology is. By the time I got my certification, I had racked up 45 credits and then I later pursued my National Board Certification. Sometimes, you just need to remove that initial roadblock to open the opportunities!

    I try to bear my experiences in mind when dealing with my small ones. Last year, I had 9 working computers for little ones to use in the library. I created a project for my K-2 students. After I showed them “Snow White” during testing week (can you believe I had kids who had NEVER seen it?), I had them take turns at the computer to write about their favorite part, then print and draw a picture. The wrap up came the next week when I projected their work onto a screen and they had to read what they wrote to the class. I was pretty pleased with the ownership they took for their work. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have genius kindergartners, but some of my 5th graders came in and wrote what they dictated. My kids resist doing “classwork” in the library because it is a “special”. And yet we have to support our teachers when trying to turn around our school. Last year, we made AYP. If we can do it one more year, we will become a superior school. Marcy

  2. August 26, 2010

    Congratulations on your new series, Pat!

  3. August 30, 2010

    Hi Patricia,
    We’re honored for our TeachingAuthors blog to also be part of your blog tour. We’ve received some great comments on Esther’s interview. I hope you’ll stop by to read them. Today is also the last day of the book giveaway–perhaps some of your blog readers would like to stop by and enter, too. Here’s the link:
    All the best,

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