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Junie B. Jones

Laugh Yourself Silly with Junie B. Jones


About the “Laugh Yourself Silly with Junie B. Jones” School Bus Tour

The Laugh Yourself Silly with Junie B. Jones School Bus Tour brings Barbara Park’s bestselling Junie B. Jones book series to life to fans across the Northeast.

The tour features live performances by two actors playing Junie B. Jones and Mr. Woo, who travel to schools across the region in the “Laugh Yourself Silly” bus adorned with colorful graphics, incorporating the series’ brand-new look and the faces of Junie B.’s friends in the windows.

At each event, Junie B. opens her “Big Pink Trunk of Junk” and performs a show-and-tell, sharing instantly recognizable items from the series such as her stuffed elephant, Philip Johnny Bob, and the floaty ball from a toilet tank, Junie B.’s favorite “plumbing supply” with students. The events are recommended for children ages five and up, and also include an official book stamping and free Junie B. souvenirs for all kids.

Random House Children’s Books will work with you to connect your school with a local bookseller to provide book sales for the event and distribute order forms in advance of Junie’s visit. Books MUST be available for sale at these events.

Criteria for Hosting an Event at Your School

Please note that the following criteria must be met in order for your school to be considered.

  1. The event venue must have ample performance space.
    The performance area should be at least 10’x10’ to accommodate the full performance by the Junie B. Jones actress and Mr. Woo actor. School libraries, auditoriums, and cafeterias are great spaces to host this event. Please avoid holding your event outside.
  2. The event space must have ample space to accommodate the student audience.
    Children should be seated on the floor or in chairs in order to ensure that all children can see and experience the show.
  3. The event host will need to supply parking for the “Laugh Yourself Silly” bus.
    The dimensions of the bus are 22’ long, 8’ wide, 9’6” high.
  4. The event host must provide a private, secure area where Junie B. Jones and Mr. Woo can get into character/costume.


Click here for the OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES.



Welcome to another season of

the Junie B. Jones Classroom Club!

Junie B. Jones has been busier than ever keeping up with life in the first grade! From being a professional lunch maker, to starring (sort of) in Room One’s play, to surviving a family vacation in Pair-O-Dice, Junie B. helps students bring fun and learning together in the classroom.

Keep your classroom up to date with all of Junie B.’s latest adventures, and we will keep you supplied with fun and engaging Junie B. activities.

When you sign up for the Junie B. Jones Classroom Club electornic newsletter, we will send you updates about using Junie B. in the classroom. If you have not already signed up, click here to become a member of the Junie B. Jones Classroom Club.

Have a wonderful and successful year!

Getting Started

  1. Post the Junie B. Jones Checklist on your classroom’s bulletin board. Check off each title as students are done reading it. (You may want to distribute the checklist to each student to keep track of their own reading.)
  2. See the Author Bio to share biographical information with your students about Barbara Park, author of the Junie B. Jones books!
  3. Sign up for the Junie B. Jones Classroom Club Electronic Newsletter and stay up to date on all of the latest Junie B. books and classroom activities.
  4. Check out the list of other Chapter Books from Random House Children’s Books to help you expand the learning experience for your students.
  5. Click here to print out a Junie B. Jones Education Planner to help you plan your classroom curriculum throughout the school year.