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Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Tim Keating

“When I was a child, books were my refuge, and my favorite place to be was the public library. As an author for young readers, I am so happy to have come home to that world. What a privilege it is to maintain a connection with young people, while reconnecting with the child in myself.”—Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Sharon Dennis Wyeth’s book Something Beautiful was selected by the Children’s Book Council as a Notable Children’s Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies. Her Always My Dad is a Reading Rainbow Selection.


Sharon Dennis Wyeth brings a variety of experiences to her work as an author for young readers. She has been a family counselor, television writer, and actress, and is a cum laude graduate of Radcliffe College. Commended by Publishers Weekly for “her compassionate rendering of contemporary families,” she is the first recipient of the Stephen Crane Literary Award, awarded by the Newark Public Library.

Sharon Dennis Wyeth enjoys singing, hiking, cooking, and gardening.


Born: April 19 in Washington, D.C.

Previous jobs: Family counselor, actress, voice teacher, and television writer.

Inspiration for writing: “Remembrances of my own childhood; watching my own daughter grow up; my husband; the young people I meet in my travels; . . . my desire to share what I have learned and to pass on something beautiful.”

Favorite foods: Pasta, hot chocolate, corn on the cob

Favorite clothes to wear: Long dresses and big hats and sunglasses and huge earrings!

Favorite books: Books by Toni Morrison, Jane Austen, Walter Dean Myers, and Mary Pope Osborne


“This easy chapter book will appeal to transitional readers and also provide reluctant readers with an alternative to lengthier novels.”—Booklist

“Wyeth’s passion for the period—and for prodigious research—is evident. . . . Impressive.”—Kirkus Reviews

“An uplifting story illustrated with strongly realistic paintings.”—The Horn Book Magazine

Author Bookshelf

Always My Dad

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Illustrated in full color. Though Dad moves around a lot and his jobs keep changing, a young girl and her brother hold fast to memories of his magical, unexpected visits in this portrait of an African-American...

A Piece of Heaven

By: Barbara Samuel and Sharon Dennis Wyeth

A young teenager deals with her family's disintegration with the help of a teacher who gives her a summer job working in his garden.

Haley's excited about turning 13, but her teenage years start off with a...

Down by the Station

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Ginger Brown and Too Many Houses

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

After her parents separate, Ginger Brown does a lot of moving.  The lyrical first-person narrative relates a different experience for each month of Ginger's difficult but revealing first year...

Ginger Brown: Too Many Houses

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

After her parents separate, Ginger Brown does a lot of moving.  The lyrical first-person narrative relates a different experience for each month of Ginger's difficult but revealing first year...

HUMAN SHARK, THE (next reprint)

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

I Know an Old Lady

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth


By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Kristy is growing up and now she has her first crush on a boy! As she feels more and more embarrassed by her developing body, she joins the school play so she has a reason to miss swim practice. Anything...


By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Once on This River

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

It is 1760. Monday de Groot and her mother, Lesley, a midwife, sail from their home in Madagascar to New York, to testify on behalf of Lesley's brother Frederick, who has been falsely imprisoned and taken...

Orphea Proud

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth


Taboo to the touch

A fire in the cold

That was us

Welcome to a stage, where a soaring painting takes shape before your eyes, a big-booty poet stands at the mike, and there’s a seat right in front, just for...

Over in the Meadow

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth


By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Something Beautiful

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth
illustrated by: Chris K. Soentpiet

For readers of Newbery Winner Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña.

Everyday a young girl is disheartened by the things in her neighborhood: the trash on the streets, the graffiti...

SPLASH PARTY (next reprint)

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Introducing American Gold, a new series published in time for the '96 Atlanta Games featuring the two most popular Olympic sports for girls--swimming and gymnastics.

American Gold Swimmers:

The Nobody Boy

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

In this lyrical sequel to Too Many Houses, Ginger Brown, while visiting her grandparents' farm, befriends a sad little boy who calls himself "Nobody." And as the summer days drift by, Ginger,...

The Twelve Days of Christmas

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

The World of Daughter McGuire

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

"Daughter--that's my name.  Daughter McGuire--I'm eleven."

When Daughter McGuire, her mother, and her younger brothers, Satchel and Jerry Lee, move next door to her grandparents, she's faced with starting over in a new school,...

Tomboy Trouble

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

When eight-year-old Georgia gets a short hair cut, the kids at her new school don't know what to make of her. Her tomboy trouble has just begun as she is repeatedly mistaken for a boy. What's a tomboy...

Vampire Bugs

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Beware of conjurers and voodoo queens!  In their wake, strange things happen.  Witches shrink to the size of peas, and children are transformed into bugs or birds.  But if fear hides...

Willough Wall

By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth


By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth


By: Sharon Dennis Wyeth