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Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson is a bestselling author in Britain, second only to J. K. Rowling.

Jacqueline Wilson is the author of award-winning books, including The Suitcase Kid, The Lottie Project, Bad Girls, The Story of Tracy Beaker, Vicky Angel, and The Girls Quartet and she has won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award, the Smarties Prize, and the Children’s Book Award for Double Act, which was also highly commended for the Carnegie Medal.


Jacqueline Wilson was born in Bath, Somerset, in 1945, but spent most of her childhood in Kingston-on-Thames. She always wanted to be a writer and wrote her first “novel” when she was nine, filling countless Woolworths’ composition books as she grew up. She started work at a publisher and then went on to work as a journalist for D.C. Thomson in Scotland after she had an article published in Jackie magazine. Since having her daughter, Emma, she has been writing full time.

Jacqueline’s biggest passion and/or worst vice is buying books. She has over 15,000 books crammed into every corner of her small house—and they’ve started to creep across the carpets. Her favorite holiday place is Hay-On-Wye, which has about twenty secondhand bookshops.

Jacqueline has written numerous books for young people including: Bad Girls, Double Act, The Lottie Project, The Suitcase Kid, The Story of Tracy Beaker, The Bed and Breakfast Star, Cliffhanger, The Illustrated Mum and a quartet for slightly older readers, which includes Girls in Love (an ALA Quick Pick), Girls Under Pressure, Girls Out Late, and Girls in Tears. She has also written a series of crime novels and several plays, which have been broadcast on the radio.

Jacqueline has received countless honors and has won several awards in England, including The Young Telegraph/Fully Booked Award for The Bed and Breakfast Star, the Smarties Prize, the Sheffield Children’s Book Award and the Children’s Book Award for Double Act. The Illustrated Mum was shortlisted for the Whitbread Children’s Book Awardand has won the Children’s Book of the Year at the British Book Awards and the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award. Girls in Tears received the W.H. Smith Children’s Book of the Year Award.


“Tender moments . . . and the funny narrative, filled with British colloquialisms, and clever exchanges . . . make this a breezy read.”
Publishers Weekly

“Wilson proves that bad girls can make for a good story.”
Publishers Weekly

“Wilson creatively reshapes [heroine] Charlie’s own experiences to depict the plight of a girl living 100 years earlier, thus adding new dimension to Charlie’s perceptions while offering intriguing period particulars.”
—Starred, Publishers Weekly

“Charlie’s creative writing is a gentle endorsement for using one’s imagination to work through problems. Readers will empathize with many of the situations Charlie copes with.”
The Horn Book Magazine

“Wilson again shapes a convincing and memorable heroine with a snappy, fresh voice.”
Publishers Weekly

Author Bookshelf

Bad Girls

By: Jacqueline Wilson

Kim’s gang had better watch out! Tanya’s my friend now, and she’ll show them!

Mandy has been picked on at school for as long as she can remember, so she is delighted when cheeky, full-of-fun...


By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

A brilliantly evocative portrait of modern life featuring an engaging heroine, Floos, from the mega bestselling Jacqueline Wilson.
     Floss's parents are divorced, and she divides up her...


By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

A wonderful tale of family life, friendship and cookies from the mega-bestselling Jacqueline Wilson.
     Beauty Cookson is no beauty.  She's a plain, timid girl who constantly feels inferior to...

Double Act

By: Jacqueline Wilson

A fantastically popular story featuring fun, sparky but very different identical twins, Ruby and Garnet--featuring a special introduction by the author.  Winner of the Smarties Prize and the Children's...

Girls in Love

By: Jacqueline Wilson

Ellie’s starting ninth grade and she’s got some very definite goals. She’ll stay best friends with Magda and Nadine. She’ll go on a diet and stick to it. She’ll get a glamorous hairstyle....

Girls in Tears

By: Jacqueline Wilson

In the final volume of the fresh and funny Girls Quartet, Ellie’s best friends do the unthinkable—bond without her—until the girls realize how to really be friends.

Ellie knows the rule: Best...

Girls Out Late

By: Jacqueline Wilson

Ellie finally meets a boy. The right boy. And she wants to spend all her time with him. Her curfew is way too early, but if
her stepmother doesn’t tell, her father will never know she’s been out late....

Girls Under Pressure

By: Jacqueline Wilson

Ellie thinks she looks awful. Horrible. FAT. Her best friends are both drop-dead gorgeous and Ellie’s sick of being the ugly duckling. So she goes on a diet. And she even starts to exercise, much to her friends’...


By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

A moving, insightful, sensitive and entertaining novel exploring first love and first heartbreak, for older readers, from phenomenally bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson.

Love Lessons

By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

A superb novel for older readers about forbidden love, from the bestselling, award-winning Jacqueline Wilson.
     Fourteen-year-old Prue and her sister Grace have been educated...

The Diamond Girls

By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

A sparkling gem of a novel for older readers from bestselling Jacqueline Wilson, featuring a special introduction by the author.
     Dixie is the youngest Diamond girl. She and her...

The Illustrated Mum

By: Jacqueline Wilson

Covered from head to toe with one-of-a-kind tattoos, Marigold is the brightest, most beautiful mother in the world. At least, that’s what Dolphin thinks—she just wishes Marigold wouldn’t stay out...

The Story of Tracy Beaker

By: Jacqueline Wilson

Introducing Tracy Beaker, 10-year-old girl-wonder and the daughter of a famous Hollywood actress . . . sort of.

Tracy Beaker’s not exactly sure what her mother does, because Tracy has been in foster care for as...

The Suitcase Kid

By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

A sensitive and humorous story about a girl's struggle to readjust to her new life after her parents' divorce, from award-winning author Jacqueline Wilson. 
     When my parents split up they didn't...

The Worry Web Site

By: Jacqueline Wilson

A wonderful collection of linked short stories from this enormously popular and bestselling author.

Is anything bothering you? Problems in school or at home? Don’t know what to do or where to turn? With...

Vicky Angel

By: Jacqueline Wilson

Jade is so used to being with and agreeing with Vicky, her larger-than-life best friend, that when a tragic accident occurs, she can hardly believe that Vicky’s gone. But Vicky is a spunky girl who’s not...

Hetty Feather

By: Jacqueline Wilson, Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

A wonderful and original Jacqueline Wilson novel, featuring Hetty Feather, a Victorian Tracy Beaker!

London, 1876 and Hetty Feather is just a tiny baby when her mother leaves her at the Foundling Hospital. The Hospital...

Lily Alone

By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

A brilliant new story from our bestselling author about what happens when Lily is left at home, with her three younger siblings to look after.     Lily isn't home ALONE -- but she sort...

Sapphire Battersea

By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

A fascinating, funny and moving Victorian novel featuring Hetty Feather.

Hetty Feather was just a baby when her mother left her at the Foundling Hospital. Hetty longed to find her real mum -- and...

The Worst Thing About My Sister

By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

Marty and her sister Melissa couldn't be more different. Marty loves her Converse trainers, playing football, hiding in her secret den and helping her dad with his DIY. But Melissa loves Justin Bieber and all...

Emerald Star

By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

The third and final story featuring the hugely popular Hetty Feather, from mega-bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson. 

A fantastic new adventure for brave, feisty Hetty Feather -- one of Jacqueline Wilson's...


By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

The fantastic new novel from bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson, starring Diamond, the little circus acrobat who first appeared in the hugely popular Hetty Feather books.

Paws and Whiskers

By: Jacqueline Wilson

A wonderful collection of stories, extracts and poems about cats and dogs from one of our most beloved writers for children, Jacqueline Wilson.
     This special anthology features...

Opal Plumstead

By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

The brilliant new story from one of the nation's best-loved authors, starring her most outspoken, fiery and unforgettable heroine yet: Opal Plumstead, schoolgirl, sweet factory worker and Suffragette.

Jacqueline Wilson Diary 2015

By: Jacqueline Wilson

A beautiful 2015 diary with a handy ringbind format and a page of pretty stickers, perfect for fans of the mega-bestselling Jacqueline Wilson.

     This gorgeous bakery-themed...

The Butterfly Club

By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

The exciting new story from one of the UK's best-loved authors.
     Tina is a triplet, but she's always been the odd one out. Her sisters Phil and Maddie are bigger and stronger and...

Four Children and It

By: Jacqueline Wilson

Four Children and It is the number one bestseller from Jacqueline Wilson, the award-winning, bestselling creator of Tracy Beaker, Hetty Feather and The Illustrated Mum. A funny and heartwarming story...

Little Stars

By: Jacqueline Wilson, Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

The wonderful new Hetty Feather story from the hugely popular and bestselling Jacqueline Wilson.

A fantastic new story set in the world of Hetty Feather and continuing the adventures of Jacqueline...

Happy Holidays

By: Jacqueline Wilson, Illustrated by Nick Sharratt

A fantastic collection of short stories, activities and puzzles all about summer holidays, perfect for any Jacqueline Wilson fan.

     How are you going to spend your summer...

Rent a Bridesmaid

By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

Tilly can’t believe it when her best friend Matty is asked to be a bridesmaid. In Tilly’s favourite daydream, she’s wearing the most beautiful bridesmaid dress and walking down the aisle...


By: Jacqueline Wilson

Katy Carr is a lively, daredevil oldest sister in a big family. She loves messing around outdoors, climbing on the garage roof, or up a tree, cycling, skateboarding, swinging . . . But her life changes...

Clover Moon

By: Jacqueline Wilson

Clover Moon’s imagination is her best escape from a life of hardship in poverty-stricken Victorian London. When tragedy plunges her into a world of grief, Clover realizes that everything she loved...

Wave Me Goodbye

By: Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrated by: Nick Sharratt

September, 1939. As the Second World War begins, ten-year-old Shirley is sent away ona train with her schoolmates. She doesn’t know where she’s going, or what’s going to happen to her when she gets there....

Hetty Feather's Christmas

By: Jacqueline Wilson (Illustrated by Nick Sharratt)

Cosy up for Christmas with this brand-new festive story, starring everyone's favourite Victorian foundling, Hetty Feather! An unexpected gift leads to trouble for Hetty on Christmas Day at the Foundling...