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Kim Ablon Whitney

Kim Ablon Whitney has published two previous novels with Knopf. She lives with her family in Newton, Massachusetts. To learn more about Kim, please visit www.kimablonwhitney.com.

Author Bookshelf

See You Down the Road

By: Kim Ablon Whitney

A fascinating glimpse into the lives of Irish Travelers in America, from a new voice in YA literature.

Welcome to Bridget’s world: Her family lives in a trailer, moving every so often; she’s engaged and...

The Other Half of Life

By: Kim Ablon Whitney

A heartbreaking novel based on the true story of a World War II voyage.

In May of 1939, the SS St. Francis sets sail from Germany, carrying German Jews and other refugees away from Hitler’s regime. The passengers...

The Perfect Distance

By: Kim Ablon Whitney

Seventeen-year-old Francie Martinez rides with one of the best equitation trainers in the country, and works as a groom to pay her way. She’s dreamed of winning the Maclay finals, and now that it’s her last...