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Sherry Shahan

Sherry Shahan is a photo journalist as a regular occupation. Before writing this novel, she was on a kayak trip herself and experienced, as her protagonists do, the coldness, wideness and loneliness of the icy landscape. In her leisure time she likes canoeing on the coast of her home country, California.

Sherry Shahan ist hauptberuflich Fotojournalistin. Vor ihrem Erstlingswerk »In eisiger Kälte« war sie selbst auf Kajak-Tour am Hubbard-Gletscher und hat wie ihre Protagonistin die Kälte, Weite und Einsamkeit der Eislandschaft hautnah erlebt. In ihrer Freizeit paddelt sie gerne in ihrem Kajak die Küste ihres Heimatstaates Kalifornien entlang.

Author Bookshelf

Frozen Stiff

By: Sherry Shahan

What begins as a two-night camping and kayaking trek in the untamed Alaskan wilderness turns into a test of survival for Cody and her cousin Derek. While their mothers are in Juneau picking up supplies...

Ice Island

By: Sherry Shahan

What begins as a training run with sled dogs turns into a race against time for Tatum and her new friend, a Siberian Yupik boy named Cole. When a freak blizzard hits this remote island off the coast of Alaska, the...