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Susan Schade

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20,000 Baseball Cards Under the Sea

By: Susan Schade

Roger's eccentric, junk-collecting friend Kenneth takes him on an awesome undersea ride in a homemade submarine. Their visit to a subaqueous cavern turns up a wonderful surprise: a cache of supervaluable baseball...

Baseball Camp on the Planet of the Eyeballs

By: Susan Schade

Hugo is supposed to go to baseball camp, but when aliens mistake him for one of their own spies, he is whisked away to the Planet of the Eyeballs!  He's a little nervous at first, but soon he's...

Captain Zap and the Evil Baron von Fishhead

By: Jon Buller and Susan Schade

Perry and Cosmo love to draw comics starring their very own made-up characters: superhero Captain Zap and his villainous archenemy, the evil Baron von Fishhead. But what happens when the two boys uncover...

Cat at Bat

By: Susan Schade and Jon Buller

Cat on the Mat

By: Susan Schade

Cat has a dream. She runs. She flips. She jumps. She slips. Will Cat make the team?

Felix and the 400 Frogs

By: Susan Schade

Illustrated in full color. Felix is in a real fix. After deciding he wants to be a mind reader when he grows up, Felix falls into a wild adventure that finds him leading an army of frogs against an evil...


By: Susan Schade

No Tooth, No Quarter!

By: Susan Schade

Illus. in full color. Poor Walter has not only lost a tooth, he's also managed to lose his lost tooth. His chances of getting his quarter look slim, and the apprentice tooth fairy assigned to pick up the tooth is...

Railroad Toad

By: Susan Schade and Jon Buller

Illus. in full color. In this sequel to the critically acclaimed Toad on the Road, Toad joyfully takes to the tracks with his freewheeling spirit, carefree humor, and new motto, "Give me a ticket...

Ron Rooney and the Million Dollar Comic

By: Buller

Illustrated in black-and-white. When Ron Rooney happens upon a page torn from a collector's guide that tells him Larry the Lizard No. 1 is worth $1,250,000, he's ecstatic. He actually owns a copy! He races...

Snow Bugs

By: Susan Schade

Those clever, inventive housemates fromSnug House, Bug House are back in a winter wonderland adventure that's tailor-made for beginning readers. Fran and Ann, Fred and Ed, little Dot and spotty Spot--the...

Snug House, Bug House

By: Susan Schade

Illus. in full color. What happens when a group of industrious bugs finds a discarded tennis ball? They think, they plan, they draw up bluprints, and begin to build a snugly bug house. Ultra-simple text...

Space Mall

By: Susan Schade

Follow Ron Rooney and his pals for an outer space adventure of galactical proportions! It's just another day at Ye Olde Mall until the entire building is hijacked by a bunch of extraterrestrials for an...

Space Rock

By: Susan Schade

Illus. in full color. "The unusual purple rock that Bob has found begins to talk, telling him that it fell out of a space ship and needs Bob's help to return to the planet Kal-dor. The subject matter...


By: Susan Schade

Toad Eats Out

By: Susan Schade; Jon Buller

Toad is back in another delightful escapade.  This time, it's our warty hero's birthday, and he decides that he would like to go to a restaurant.  To his surprise, all of his friends...

Toad on the Road

By: Susan Schade; Jon Buller

Illus. in full color. "Where are we going? We don't know. We don't care. We just go!" say Toad and his friends as they take to the road in this freewheeling adventure about the joys of independence...

Toad Takes Off

By: Susan Schade

"Roar down the runway, faster and faster, straight for the fence and TOTAL DISASTER." Come along to Eagle Airport with Toad, that bug-eyed, wide-mouthed jokester, his friends, Pig and Cow, and...

The Noisy Counting Book

By: Susan Schade and Jon Buller

Three birds said TWEET TWEET TWEET.
Two ducks said WAK WAK.
And one big frog said GA-DUNK!

In this beloved classic title from husband-and-wife team Susan Schade and Jon Buller, a boy goes to the pond...