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Anne Rockwell

Anne Rockwell has been an innovator in children's books for more than 30 years and has written well over 100 books.

Gregory Christie's first book, The Palm of My Heart: Poetry by African American Children, received a Coretta Scott King Honor for illustration in 1997.

Author Bookshelf

Only Passing Through

By: Anne Rockwell
illustrated by: Gregory Christie

A powerful picture book biography of one of the abolitionist movement's most compelling voices.

Sojourner Truth traveled the country in the latter half of the 19th century, speaking out against slavery. She told of...

They Called Her Molly Pitcher

By: Anne Rockwell;illustrated by Cynthia Von Buhler

The rousing true tale of an American Revolution heroine.

When her husband joined General Washington’s army, Molly Hays went with him. All through the winter at Valley Forge, Molly watched and listened. Then in...

Truck Stop

By: Anne Rockwell
Illustrated by: Melissa Iwai

Early each morning,
before the sun is even up,
the Truck Stop opens for breakfast,
and the trucks start pulling in.
Eighteen wheeler,
milk tank,
moving van,
and flatbed!
Their drivers order eggs and...


By: Anne Rockwell

From bathtub toys to gondolas on the Grand Canal, this book explores the small child’s world of boats.

Using simple text and illustrations, these colorful boats of all shapes and sizes float...


By: Anne Rockwell

Using simple text and illustrations, this book introduces colorful cars of all kinds—and their uses—to young children.

"Rockwell's neat, brightly hued graphics are instantly recognizable,...

Fire Engines

By: Anne Rockwell

Told from a child's point of view, this book is all about that most fabulous of machines: the fire engine.


By: Anne Rockwell

"In the same vein as Rockwell's earlier books—Boats, Cars, and Trucks—this new title presents various types of planes to the very young child.  The artist uses clear, bright colors to depict the...