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Patricia Lakin

Patricia Lakin lives in New York City.

Author Bookshelf

Clarence the Copy Cat

By: Patricia Lakin
illustrated by: John Manders

Clarence has finally found a home in the town library, but will he be ousted when the librarian discovers his uselessness as a mouser?
Clarence may be a cat, but he’s a peace-loving cat–definitely...

Camping Day!

By: Patricia Lakin
Illustrated by: Scott Nash

Sam, Pam, Will and Jill are crocodile friends with a camping plan but not much know-how. They get lost on their way to the campsite, get attacked by a swarm of bees, get all mixed up while trying to assemble their...

Muddy, Mud, Bud

By: Patricia Lakin
Illustrated by: Cale Atkinson

Bud the car loves to be muddy. It makes him look and feel so good! But when he thinks a car wash will help him get muddier, he's in for a big surprise.

Vroom, Zoom, Bud

By: Patricia Lakin
Illustrated by: Cale Atkinson

Vroom zoom with Bud as he tries to win the race!

Bud always loves to be muddy. When he enters a race, he gets distracted by a mud puddle! Should he jump in, or finish the race?

Bruno & Lulu's Playground Adventures

By: Patricia Lakin
Illustrated by: Kirstie Edmunds

For newly independent reader fans of ELEPHANT & PIGGIE, here’s a book featuring two best friends who love to have fun at the playground. Bruno likes straight-forward adventure while Lulu...