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Keith Gray

KEITH GRAY is a highly-acclaimed teen author who has won the Scottish Booktrust Award and the Smarties Prize and been shortlisted fo the Carnegie Medal, the Costa Book Award, the Booktrust Teen Award (twice) and the Guardian Fiction Award (twice). He has won the Smarties Prize and numerous regional book awards. He is also a reviewer for the Guardian and the Scotsman and has judged most of the major children's awards. He lives in Edinburgh with his partner, Jasmine, and spends most of the time when he isn't writing, doing school visits.

Author Bookshelf


By: Keith Gray

An engaging and original novel about friendship, courage and loss from a writer who knows what fascinates teenagers.

Derwent Drive was known as the longest creep; twenty-five houses all in a row, no bends,...


By: Keith Gray

Will dreams of becoming a rock star and forms the group Happy. But after the first gig is cut short by a fire at the venue, he struggles to cope with his bitter disappointment by retreating into his own...


By: Keith Gray

A new novel from the writer of the outstanding Warehouse

A gutsy, gripping and realistic story about corruption at a high school.

John Malarkey is the new kid at Brook High who uncovers a...

Ostrich Boys

By: Keith Gray

"It's not really kidnapping, is it? He'd have to be alive for it to be proper kidnapping."

Ross is dead, and Blake, Sim, and Kenny are furious. To make things right, they steal Ross's ashes and set out...

The Fearful

By: Keith Gray

In 1699, William Milmullen took his six pupils to the lakeside to study, but only William returned after a creature rose up from the water and devoured the six boys right before his eyes. William Milmullen never...

The Runner

By: Keith Gray

Jason has had enough of his parents’ arguments, so he’s running away. On the train to Liverpool he meets a “runner” called Jam who lives on the trains and at stations. His carefree...

Warehouse (Definitions)

By: Keith Gray

A gripping story about a community of runaways.

“I know a place you can go.” It’s a secret place hidden among the run-down buildings of the derelict dockyards where a community...