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Donald R. Gallo

Donald R. Gallo, a former junior high school English teacher, lives in Solon, Ohio.

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By: Donald R. Gallo

Connections : a combination of seventeen short stories by today's most popular writers for young adults, portraying encounters and clashes among teenagers, as well as some surprises and insights into the world of young...

Join In

By: Donald R. Gallo

Here are seventeen original short stories that reflect young adults' views on friendships and prejudice, expectations and disappointments, and connections and confrontations.

From the Paperback...

No Easy Answers

By: Donald R. Gallo

This anthology features stories about individuals who find themselves in situations that test their strength of character. They are called upon to make moral choices, face the consequences of their actions,...


By: Donald R. Gallo

Prepare to be jolted . . . electrified . . .  zapped. Here are thirteen hair-raising stories that  are bound to stun and shock  you.

There is great suspense in Robert Westall's  "Aunt...


By: Donald R. Gallo

Here are sixteen representative stories for the  eighties, written especially for this collection by  today's best-known writers for teenagers. Their  impressions radiate...

Ultimate Sports

By: Donald R. Gallo

A knockout collection of 16 original stories featuring young adults playing basketball and football, running track and cross-country, and training for the triathlon. Challenges abound in water sports, racquetball...


By: Donald R. Gallo


Nineteen superb stories by today's best-known authors of young adult novels, coming together to create a window of the mind, a vision illuminating the joys and sorrows of young people.