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Philip Caveney

Philip Caveney has written many novels for adults. This is the companion to his first books for young adults, Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools and Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates. He lives in England.

Author Bookshelf

Alec Devlin: The Eye of the Serpent

By: Philip Caveney

Egypt 1923. Fifteen-year-old Alec Devlin is on his way to the Valley of the Kings. Accompanied by his faithful valet, Coates, Alec is to spend his summer holidays working on his Uncle Will's archaeological...

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Explorers

By: Philip Caveney

Sebastian Darke; his snarky buffalope, Max; and fierce fighter Cornelius are off on another hair-raising quest after being hired by a rich merchant to seek out the legendary lost city of Mendip. Not only must they...

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Fools

By: Philip Caveney

The lord of Laughter, the Monarch of Mirth–if only the bumbling 17-year-old Sebastian Darke could be a successful jester like his father. The problem is Sebastian’s not funny. But after his father’s...

Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates

By: Philip Caveney

Sebastian Darke, his opinionated buffalope, Max, and the fierce fighter Cornelius are heading to the bustling port of Ramalat to embark on a perilous sea journey. They are ready to risk their lives in search of the fabled lost treasure...

Night on Terror Island

By: Philip Caveney

Kip’s dad owns an old-fashioned cinema that is struggling to survive. But then Mr. Lazarus arrives, and introduces himself as the new projectionist. When he sets up his equipment, the images seem...

Spy Another Day

By: Philip Caveney

Kip is shaken and stirred in the second book in this fantastic series.
After the thrills and spills of his adventure on Terror Island, Kip is reluctant to allow Mr Lazarus to send him into...

Space Blasters

By: Philip Caveney

The new book in Philip Caveney's action-packed movie series. Kip is headed into deepest, darkest space, to a galaxy far, far away.

The mysterious Mr Lazarus has helped Kip and his father completely change...

Sins Of Rachel Ellis

By: Philip Caveney