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Jennifer Armstrong

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“Why do I write historical fiction? Johnny Tremain, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Island of the Blue Dolphins—that’s why. I'll never forget how it felt to read those books. I want to write books with the same power to transport readers into another time and place.”—Jennifer Armstrong

Jennifer Armstrong is the winner of the Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World. Many of her books have been designated as Notable Books by the American Library Association and the International Reading Association.
Ever since the first grade, Jennifer Armstrong knew that she would become an author. She loved making up stories and sharing them with others. Her family treasured books and this led her to become an avid reader of all types of fiction. It was no surprise when she chose to study English and American literature at Smith College in Massachusetts.

Armstrong is the author of over 50 books for children from kindergarten through high school. Best known for writing historical fiction, she has also been successful in creating picture books, easy readers, chapter books, young adult novels, as well as nonfiction.

Armstrong, who grew up outside of New York City, now lives in Saratoga Springs, New York.

For more information on Jennifer Armstrong, visit her website at www.jennifer-armstrong.com, or read her blog at www.jennifer-armstrong.blogspot.com.

Author Bookshelf


By: Jennifer Armstrong

Becoming Mary Mehan

By: Jennifer Armstrong

Jennifer Armstrong’s two masterful novels about Mary Mehan are now together in one volume. Set against the pivotal events of the American Civil War, The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan depicts an Irish immigrant girl and her family,...


By: Jennifer Armstrong

Black-Eyed Susan

By: Jennifer Armstrong

A lyrical novel about a day in the life of a young pioneer girl growing up on the Dakota prairie is now available in a Knopf Paperback edition. This widely praised and beautifully crafted tale deftly evokes the vast...


By: Jennifer Armstrong


By: Jennifer Armstrong

Foolish Gretel

By: Jennifer Armstrong

Meet Gretel Muller, a young German girl growing up in Galveston, Texas in 1855. Gretel dreams of living in a fairy-tale castle by the sea, but instead spends her days working with her short-tempered sisters...


By: Jennifer Armstrong

Hugh Can Do

By: Jennifer Armstrong


By: Jennifer Armstrong

King Crow

By: Eric Rohmann

Lili the Brave

By: Jennifer Armstrong

It is 1870 and Lili Alesund lives with her family in Vinhaven, Norway, a beautiful town on the edge of the sea. She is called Lili the Brave because she has never been afraid of anything. But Lili has...


By: Jennifer Armstrong

Little Salt Lick and the Sun King

By: Jennifer Armstrong

Illus. in full color by Jon Goodell. Little Salt Lick, the Second Assistant Rotisserie Turner in the Department of Roasted Meats at the court of King Louis XIV, is fed up. Every day the dogs of Versailles...

Mary Mehan Awake

By: Jennifer Armstrong

In a compelling sequel to the highly praised The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan, Mairhe, who has now taken the name Mary, leaves Washington, D.C., to take a position as a domestic servant in upstate New York....

Patrick Doyle is Full of Blarney

By: Jennifer Armstrong

In the first of Jennifer Armstrong's Fourth of July series of historical chapter books, it's 1915 and everyone is wild about baseball--especially nine-year-old Patrick, an Irish kid living in the tough...


By: Jennifer Armstrong

The somber, hard-working people of an isolated town on the plains ply through life in the drabbest of gray clothes--until, in the linings of their pockets, they begin to discover lavishly embroidered pictures...


By: Jennifer Armstrong

As bullets ring and bombs are dropped, children watch—mostly from the sidelines, but occasionally in the direct line of fire. Unaware of the political issues or power struggles behind the battle, all they know are the...

Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World

By: Jennifer Armstrong

The harrowing story of the ill-fated Endurance, now in paperback.

In August 1914, Ernest Shackleton and 27 men sailed from England in an attempt to become the first team of explorers to cross Antarctica...

Spirit of Endurance

By: Jennifer Armstrong
illustrated by: William Maughan

In August 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton set out from England in an attempt to lead the first expedition across the Antarctic continent. What followed was one of the most extraordinary survival stories in history:...

Sunshine, Moonshine

By: Jennifer Armstrong

The sun and the moon shine down on a young boy as he spends a day by the sea. "Sun shines on the mountains, sun shines on the sea. Sun shines on my pillow, and says wake up to me."

The American Story: 100 True Tales from American History

By: Jennifer Armstrong
illustrated by: Roger Roth

American history comes alive in these 100 true stories that define our country.
This magnificent treasury tells the story of America through 100 true tales. Some are tales of triumph—the midnight ride of Paul...

The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan

By: Jennifer Armstrong

A haunting novel that weaves together its narrator's dreams, Irish legend, and the pivotal events of the American Civil War, The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan portrays a family of Irish immigrants struggling...

The Snowball

By: Jennifer Armstrong
illustrated by: Jean Pidgeon

Illustrated in full color. Watch out below! Here comes a giant snowball tumbling down a hill, picking up everything--and everybody--in its path!  

The Water of Life

By: J. Armstrong

This revolutionary therapy, similar in principle to organic composting, puts the compelling case that most disease can be cured by this substance, rich in mineral salts, hormones and other vital ingredients...

What a Song Can Do

By: Jennifer Armstrong

This compelling collection of stories explores the powerful impact that music has in our lives—especially in the lives of teens. Each story strikes a new note: Ron Koertge introduces us to the boys in the band—the...

In My Hands

By: Irene Gut Opdyke

In My Hands began as one non-Jew’s challenge to any who would deny the Holocaust. Much like The Diary of Anne Frank, it has become a profound document of an individual’s heroism in the face of the greatest evil mankind...

Pierre's Dream

By: Jennifer Armstrong
Illustrated by: Susan Gaber

UC Pierre's Dream

By: Jennifer Armstrong