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Author and Illustrator Appearances

Thank you for your interest in Random House Children’s Books!

Author Grade Levels Location
Anders, Lou 3-7 Alabama
Armstrong, Jennifer K up Northeast
Avasthi, Swati 9 to up Minnesota
Barb Rosenstock K-6 Midwest/Virtual Visits
Beil, Michael D. 4 to 8 New York and Connecticut
Bernstein, Richard Grade 8 up Northeast
Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker 3 to 7 Southeast
Brande, Robin 6 to 12 Southwest
Breznak, Irene All Ages Northeast
Brown, Marc All Ages Northeast
Bryant, Jen All Ages Northeast/ Mid to Atlantic
Burg, Shana All ages Texas, South
Burns, Ken 5 & UP New York
Butler, Dave 3 to 9 Provo, UT
Carbone, Elisa 4 to 7 Middle Atlantic
Cheaney, J.B. 5 up Midwest
Choi, Sook Nyul 3 to 7 Northeast
Choldenko, Gennifer 3 to 8 Sausalito, CA
Cody, Matthew 4 to 8 Northeast
Coville, Bruce 3 to 7 Northeast
Crilley, Mark 3 to 7 Midwest
Crutcher, Chris 7 up West
Curtis, Christopher Paul 4 to 10 Canada
de la Pena, Matt 12 up Northeast / Virtual Visits
Donofrio, Beverly K to 7 Colorado
Duncan, Lois 7 up Middle Atlantic
Duprau, Jeanne 4 to 7 West
Ehrenhaft, Daniel 7 to 10 Northeast
Ehrlich, Esther 5 and up West
Feinstein, John Mid-Atlantic
Fleming, Candace All grades Midwest / Virtual Visits
Friddell, Claudia 2 to 8 Middle Atlantic
Fusco, Kimberly Newton 4 up New England
Gephart, Donna 4 to 7 Florida
Ghigna, Charles K to 3 West
Giff, Patricia Reilly K to 4 Northeast
Goldsmith, Cathy All grades Northeast
Grabenstein, Chris 4 to 8 New York
Hagen, George 4-7 Brooklyn
Harmel, Kristin 6 up Florida
Hart, Alison 12 up Virginia
Hills, Tad K to 5 Northeast
Holm, Matt 3 up West / Virtual Visits
Holt, Kimberly Willis 3 up South
Hopkinson, Deborah K-6 Northwest
Jenkins, Emily K to 5 Northeast
Jukes, Mavis 3 up West
Kelly, Katy 2 to 6 Washington DC
Kennedy, James 5 up Midwest
Kitchings, Taylor 4 to 8 Mississippi
Klause, Annette Curtis 7 up Middle Atlantic
Klimo, Kate 3 to 4 Northeast
Kraus, Daniel 5 up Midwest
Krosoczka, Jarrett J. K up Northeast / Virtual Visits
Larson, Kirby K to 5 West
Leavitt, Lindsey K to 12 Southwest / Virtual Visits
Lockhart, E. 6 up Northeast
Look, Lenore K to 6 New Jersey
Lurie, April 5 up Midwest
Mah, Adeline Yen 5 up West
Malone, Marianne 3-6 Midwest
Martinez, Libby 1-4 Colorado
McCullough, Kathy 4 and up Los Angeles, CA
McDaniel, Lurlene 7 up South
McDonald, Joyce 6 up Northeast
McDonnell, Margot 7 up Southwest
McKernan, Victoria 5 up Middle Atlantic
Meyer, Susan Lynn 4 up Northeast
Mitchell, Saundra 7 to 12 Midwest
Mora, Pat 1-12 Southwest
Murphy, Rita 12 up Northeast
Namioka, Lensey 4 to 7 Northeast
Napoli, Donna Jo K up Middle Atlantic
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds 3 up Middle Atlantic
Neilsen, David 4 up Tarrytown, NY
Nobleman, Marc Tyler K to 8 Middle Atlantic
Osa, Nancy 5 up West
Osborne, Mary Pope K to 5 Northeast
Parsons, Mark Huntley 7 up West
Paulsen, Gary 3 up West
Pearsall, Shelley 4 up Midwest
Perl, Erica S. 5 up Washington DC
Phillips, Helen 4-7 NYC
Pierce, Tamora 5 up Northeast
Portman, Frank 7 and up California
Quattlebaum, Mary K to 6 Middle Atlantic
Raabe, Emily 5-8 New York City
Rabe, Tish 1-2 Northeast
Ransome, James K to 5 Northeast
Reinhardt, Dana 7 up West
Resau, Laura 5 up Southwest
Richards, Jame K-8 Northeast
Ringgold, Faith K up Northeast
Rocklin, Joanne K to 8 West
Rohmann, Eric K to 6 Midwest
Roy, Ron K to 3 Northeast
Ruby, Jeffrey Michael 4-8 Chicago, IL
Rudetsky, Seth 7 up NYC
Runyon, Brent 6 up Northeast
Ryan, Carrie 7 up Charlotte, NC / Virtual Visits
Santore, Charles K to 5 Northeast
Schmidt, Amy PreK-5 Northeast
Schmidt, Ron PreK-5 Northeast
Selzer, Adam 5 up Midwest
Shank, Marilyn Sue 5 up Southeast / West Virginia
Shelton, Paula Young K to 5 East
Shovan, Laura 3-5 Southeast
Shukert, Rachel 6-12 Los Angeles, CA
Shurtliff, Liesl 3 to 7 Chicago
Sierra, Judy K up West
Slade, Arthur K to 3 Canada
Snyder, Laurel 2 to 5 Southeast
Spinelli, Jerry 4 to 7 Middle Atlantic
Staake, Bob 1 to 8 Northeast
Stanley, Jerry 3 to 7 West
Stead, Rebecca 4 up New York City
Stone, Jeff K to 12 Midwest
Stone, Tanya Lee 7 up Northeast
Tanner, Lian 5 up Virtual Visits
Torrey, Michele All Midwest
Torrey, Richard K-2 Northeast
Tracy, Kristen 4-12 West
Van Draanen, Wendelin 3 up West
Vance, Susanna 4 up Middle Atlantic
Vawter, Vince 5 up Tennessee
Wallace, Rich 4 to 7 Northeast
Walrath, Dana 6-up New England
Weston, Carol 8 up New York City
Winter, Jonah K to 5 Pittsburgh
Wood, Maryrose 10 up Northeast
Woodruff, Elvira K to 3 Middle Atlantic
Wright, Barbara 5 up Southeast / Virtual Visits
Yoon, Nicola 9 up Los Angeles, CA
Zeises, Lara M. 6 up Northeast