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Things We Love This Week

June 07, 2013

-  Tamora Pierce (winner of this year’s Margaret A. Edwards Award) sits down with SLJ and gives her thoughts on everything from kick-butt heroines to the story behind her own name. If you didn’t love Tammy before, you will after reading this!

-  Librarian Travis Jonker is keeping track of the top ten circulated titles in his library by age group.  Are there any overlaps with your library?

- As a way to promote their summer reading program, the Seattle Public Library created the world’s longest domino book chain! Our question: who had to reshelve all of the 2,131 books?

- Happy (belated) birthday, Richard Scarry!

- We love this TED talk by Lisa Bu about the books you turn to during a personal crisis.

- Flavorwire has 30 of the most beautiful Sci-Fi book covers.  Some of these deserve to be framed!

- 22 Maps that Show the Deepest Linguistic Conflicts in America. I hope that one day we can come together as a nation and agree on how to pronounce the word “crayon.”

- Another cool map: the location of all of the publishers scattered around NYC.


Have a safe, fun weekend!