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Things We Love This Week

May 31, 2013

- Sophia Moss, a five-year-old from Louisiana, is a girl after our own hearts!  The kindergarten student has read 875 books, blowing through most of the books in her school’s first grade and kindergarten section. What would you recommend to her?

- In case you missed it, Publishers Weekly posted an exhaustively thorough article about how publishers are reaching teens through social media.

- We’ve  loved each and every post of the Show Me the Awesome campaign!  Have you been following it? If not, make some time–every contribution has been so thoughtful and engaging.

- These Green Chile Cheese Enchiladas from the Blume family kitchen sound amazing! (And totally a thematically appropriate dinner before you head out to see Tiger Eyes in theaters!)

- Thanks to Tracy Lerner, our fearless Senior Library Marketing Manager, we’ve all become obsessed with NPR’s podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour.  Are you guys fans? Each week they cover a whole variety of topic–”geek” culture, books, films, comics, you name it. (Also on NPR: Yes, Your Cat Can Get a Movie Deal.)

- It’s Book Expo America week! If you’re not familiar with BEA, it’s our big industry convention held here in NYC, at the Javits Center. Authors are signing, bloggers and librarians are grabbing ARCs, and there are panels galore! Random Buzzers has live coverage (and tons of photos!) over on their twitter.  One particularly cool thing: a number of booksellers were invited to tour the studios of different illustrators.  Here’s Tad Hills and the real Rocket!