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Author of the Month

Jason Segel

Michael Muller New York Times bestselling author Jason Segel used to have nightmares just like Charlie, and just like Charlie, he’s learned that the things we’re most afraid of are the things that can make us strong…if we’re brave enough to face them. Jason likes acting, writing, making music, and hanging out with his friends. Sometimes he writes movies....

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Video of the Month

Reviews and Awards

Three Stars for The Seventh Most Important Thing by Shelley Pearsall

★  “ Traumatized by his father’s recent death, a boy throws a brick at an old man who collects junk in his neighborhood and winds up on probation working for him.Pearsall bases the book on a famed real work of folk art, the Throne of the Third Heaven, by James Hampton, a janitor who built his work in a garage in Washington, D.C., from bits of light bulbs, foil, mirrors, wood, bottles, coffee cans, and cardboard—the titular seven most important things. In late 1963, 13-year-old Arthur finds himself looking for …

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A Word from Pat Scales

Pat Scales

A monthly column from retired school librarian, children’s literature expert, and First Amendment advocate Pat Scales.

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