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Author of the Month

Jeff Zentner

Jeff Zentner is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who has recorded with Iggy Pop, Nick Cave and Debbie Harry. In addition to writing and recording his own music, Zentner works with young musicians at Tennessee Teen Rock Camp, which inspired him to write a novel for young adults. He lives in Nashville with his wife and son. The Serpent King is his first...

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Video of the Month

Reviews and Awards

You Never Heard of Casey Stengel?! By Jonah Winter, Illustrated by Barry Blitt

★  ”The second companion book to Winter’s You Never Heard of Sandy Koufax?! (2009) is as smart and quirky as Casey Stengel himself. Though he had some notable moments in his career, such as hitting the first home run in Ebbets Field (1913) and in Yankee Stadium (1923), Stengel was better known for what Winter calls his goofballery. After he stopped playing, he managed a series of losing teams before he was hired to manage the Yankees. Despite a continuing reputation for foolery, Stengel used his wits, experience, and canny …

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A Word from Pat Scales

Pat Scales

A monthly column from retired school librarian, children’s literature expert, and First Amendment advocate Pat Scales.

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