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Author of the Month

Rosalyn Eves

Rosalyn Eves is a college professor of English living in southern Utah, and is involved in the YA community there and across the country. The Blood Rose Rebellion is her debut novel. Find out more at RosalynEves.com and @RosalynEves

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Video of the Month

Reviews and Awards

Three Stars for Jeff Zentner’s Goodbye Days

★ “Carver Briggs is a ‘seventeen-year-old funeral expert.’ After attending three consecutive services for his three best friends Mars, Eli and Blake, this may be the only thing he can say about himself anymore. It’s tragic enough that Carver’s friends were killed in a driving-while-texting car accident, but Carver feels responsible for it: it was his text that Mars was responding to when the accident happened. (‘Where are you guys? Text me back.’) Consumed by guilt, the aspiring author from Nashville can no longer write: ‘Your writing only has the …

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A Word from Pat Scales

Pat Scales

A monthly column from retired school librarian, children’s literature expert, and First Amendment advocate Pat Scales.

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