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Author of the Month

Kiersten White

KIERSTEN WHITE is the New York Times bestselling author of And I Darken and its sequel Now I Rise, Beanstalker and Other Hilarious Scarytales, the Paranormalcy trilogy, the dark thrillers Mind Games and Perfect Lies, The Chaos of Stars, and Illusions of Fate. She also coauthored In the Shadows with Jim Di Bartolo. She lives with her family near the...

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Video of the Month

Reviews and Awards

Four Stars for Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo Book 1: The Road to Epoli

★ “Rickety Stitch is a skeleton minstrel who travels throughout the fantasy realm of Eem with Goo, his jiggling cube of a sidekick. Unlike the other reanimated skeletons in this world, Rickety retains his personality, but he has no memory of who he was when he was alive, and the only key to his past is a song whose fragments come to him in a dream. So in true buddy fashion, the duo ventures on an epic quest to find the plucky troubadour’s origins. Drawn in stark black-and-white lines with …

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A Word from Pat Scales

Pat Scales

A monthly column from retired school librarian, children’s literature expert, and First Amendment advocate Pat Scales.

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