Dr. Kelso’s imagination and innovative practices, which brought together a community of diverse students around a single story, have fittingly earned her the 2013 Random House Foundation Teacher Award for Literacy. She successfully assembled 240 students from different backgrounds and communities to come together and challenged them to question and think differently. This “Living Book Project” became an interdisciplinary approach to reading and responding to literature and developed into an exciting model for the Stony Brook schools and community.

For more than forty-one years, Marianne Berlin’s commitment to inspire students to become life-long readers has been unwavering. Among her many accomplishments she organized the first family reading night for her school and community. Her award will help to fund the “One School, One Book” initiative for parents and students of Monrovia Elementary school and promote reading through a shared experience.

Dedicated to her special needs students, ESE teacher, Lisa Fernbach, is creating a reading experience for her students through her results-based e-reader strategy. For struggling students, e-readers will become an important tool and source in eliminating the anxiety they often experience with traditional books, while addressing reading proficiency, learning gains and writing proficiency.