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The below Sylvan sample pages are taken straight from our proven workbooks to help you and your child catch up, keep up, and get ahead. Click the grade of your choice below to print and try just one page per day!

Hear more from moms, dads and educators about Sylvan Learning Products and doing just a page per day:

Working with Sylvan Page Per Day has not only kept my son interested in school work but has made it fun to do so. He loves workbooks and these pages have given him a variety of what Sylvan workbooks have to offer.
—Tina Purdie
I printed out the packet, took it home and expected to be greeted with a great battle of resistance. Quite the contrary…one Sylvan workbook page per day has helped my child in his self-confidence, desire to learn, and in our relationship to work cooperatively with a fun educational project. He said ‘I liked the shape shifter one. It was cool.'
—Proud Mom, Leslie Amato
…the ‘page a day’ program has helped Christopher enhance his vocabulary. This has created a cascade effect – with better vocabulary he is enjoying reading more and has been working on chapter books (Magic Tree House series is one of his favorites)… He is well prepared, confident, and looks forward to beginning first grade. Thanks for the ‘page a day!'
—Amy DiMaio
The Sylvan workbook page per day pages were a very valuable addition to the Book Adventure program my son, Austin, was already doing. The pages were a great review of the state standards that his teacher covered last year. Thanks Sylvan!
—Krystal Haney
Completing one Sylvan page per day hazas been great for Adele. She has enjoyed the workbook pages so much, she hasn’t even realized she’s reviewing skills and learning new ones, like symmetry…Each page took only a few minutes to complete, so she didn’t get frustrated when practicing new concepts.
—Melanie Drummond
My son Isaac thoroughly enjoyed using your workbooks. It is not always easy for him to sit down and focus on school work but the Sylvan workbooks kept his interest. He commented on the color of the sheets and found the subject material engaging. He even asked if we might purchase some of the books!
—Susanne Kaplan
Using one workbook page per day helps my child keep an interest in school subjects while not in school. It helps keep his focus on the importance of learning even when outside his ‘school environment.’ And, it also helps me during those interminable ‘I’m bored’ days!
—B.B. Lawson
Doing a page a day of academic work allows Hayden to challenge himself and stimulate his mind even when he’s not in school.
—Charleen Kittel
These activities often include games and puzzles that are creative and educational, which helped my son, who doesn’t like to study, brush up on skills, and even learn past his grade level! Sylvan is now part of my son’s daily routine and eases up pressure and dependence on parents too.
—Fathima Mohamed
As a parent, I was pleased because the activities matched the grade level expectations for my state and the common core curriculum. Furthermore, I was thoroughly pleased with the real world problems that aid in the development of higher order thinking. I have no doubt that I will continue to purchase Sylvan products to not only reinforce, but to also advance her knowledge.
—Constance Alphonse
My daughter Kaylee has improved her academic skills and confidence while completing the page per day. She also was excited to complete these pages. The Sylvan workbook pages are engaging but challenging at the same time. Kaylee is looking forward to complete more pages throughout the summer to keep her skills up. Thank you Sylvan for this program.
—Kerri Lyn Haynes
I have always heard of Sylvan Learning, but only really thought of them as a place for tutoring after school. As my 6 year old entered 1st grade this past year, it was the first time we had homework. I discovered Sylvan workbooks and was thrilled. They definitely help my daughter learn and improve her learning skills. We love them. I also always recommend these books to my friends for their kids.
—Dianna Strickland
I see a tremendous difference in my child’s progress after working with one Sylvan workbook page per day. The different pictures and graphs give her the ability to visualize the problem in order to continue solving it. Thanks to the Sylvan workbook, I have discovered that my child is a visual learner and I know how to help her learn the material. The Sylvan workbook does a great job in breaking down the material to the basic skills and helping my child by building a foundation and having her progress in her math and reading skills.
—Nvard Ter-Hovannisyan
Samantha loves these books because to her, they are not school work. They are fun activities. But really she is learning, and doing the same work she does at school.
My son loves the workbooks. What I'm impressed with the most is how much he has learned already in such a short time of homeschooling. It's amazing to me to see him change each week.
These books are great ... with nice, solid, quality paper. My son really enjoys the drawings in these books. Each tome has a detailed table of contents, and all the exercises have an answer key as well, which I thought were two nice touches. In general, the books are laid out really nicely, with plenty of room to ...
I literally have NO WORDS to describe how amazing this book is! On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this workbook a 110!...The workbook is actually FUN. There are a few exercises that my son considers "work" but most of the pages he actually enjoys doing. Not too many kids actually ENJOY doing extra school work. That is because the activities are FUN and our son doesn't realize that while he's having fun he's also learning and reinforcing what he's learned.
[My son] Vinze began using the workbook about a month ago. It is very easy to use and I have been pleasantly surprised to see that he is putting his newfound skills to use! His punctuation has already improved and his spelling is coming along quite nicely in only one month!
As a teacher, I look for different aspects in a resource than a student or a parent might... The book has vibrant, attractive colors, and the worksheets are really fun. My 10-year-old son has been enjoying them since I got the book... I recommend this book to students, parents, and teachers alike for increasing student achievement.
My daughter has picked up some great study habits, and she loves that we don't spend hours on one subject. I recommend these workbooks to everyone, homeschooler or not, as they can really add to your child's learning experience.
This book is extremely well organized. I love how each activity in a section connects to each other, which allows the child to really grasp the concepts. The pages are full of interesting stories and fun activities. The workbooks also make it easy for kids to check their own work, which will help them gain confidence in their skills.