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My son loves the workbooks. What I'm impressed with the most is how much he has learned already in such a short time of homeschooling. It's amazing to me to see him change each week.
Samantha loves these books because to her, they are not school work. They are fun activities. But really she is learning, and doing the same work she does at school.
These books are great ... with nice, solid, quality paper. My son really enjoys the drawings in these books. Each tome has a detailed table of contents, and all the exercises have an answer key as well, which I thought were two nice touches. In general, the books are laid out really nicely, with plenty of room to ...
I literally have NO WORDS to describe how amazing this book is! On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this workbook a 110!...The workbook is actually FUN. There are a few exercises that my son considers "work" but most of the pages he actually enjoys doing. Not too many kids actually ENJOY doing extra school work. That is because the activities are FUN and our son doesn't realize that while he's having fun he's also learning and reinforcing what he's learned.
[My son] Vinze began using the workbook about a month ago. It is very easy to use and I have been pleasantly surprised to see that he is putting his newfound skills to use! His punctuation has already improved and his spelling is coming along quite nicely in only one month!
As a teacher, I look for different aspects in a resource than a student or a parent might... The book has vibrant, attractive colors, and the worksheets are really fun. My 10-year-old son has been enjoying them since I got the book... I recommend this book to students, parents, and teachers alike for increasing student achievement.
My daughter has picked up some great study habits, and she loves that we don't spend hours on one subject. I recommend these workbooks to everyone, homeschooler or not, as they can really add to your child's learning experience.
This book is extremely well organized. I love how each activity in a section connects to each other, which allows the child to really grasp the concepts. The pages are full of interesting stories and fun activities. The workbooks also make it easy for kids to check their own work, which will help them gain confidence in their skills.