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Fifth Grade Math in Action (Sylvan Workbooks)

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Success in math requires children to make connections between the real world and math concepts in order to solve problems. Successful problem solvers will be ready for the challenges of mathematics as they advance to more complex topics. The activities in this workbook are designed to help children see how math skills are relevant in their daily lives. Best of all, they’ll have lots of fun! Here’s a peek at what’s inside:
Excellent Exercise
Four friends have been working out together all week. Students use multi-digit multiplication to calculate the number of times each friend did jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups.
Cool Collections
Students use multi-digit division to find out the number of album pages needed to hold collections of baseball cards, photographs, stamps and stickers, or use percents to determine how many video games in a collection are adventure, arcade, or sports games.
Track and Field
Athletes have come from all over the country to participate in track and field events, including shot put, long jump, and the 100-meter hurdles. Students round the scores to help rank the athletes.
Copy Shop
Coco’s Copy Shop has different prices for copies depending on how many copies you make and whether they are black and white or color. Students determine the price to make copies of a band flyer, poem, or vacation photograph.
Graph It
Students survey friends about books they’ve read in the past month and use their graph skills to plot the answers. Then they determine the range, median, mode, and mean of their results.
Give your child’s confidence in math a boost with 5th Grade Math in Action.

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