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Fifth Grade Geometry Success (Sylvan Workbooks)

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Success in math includes mastery of geometry skills and requires children to make connections between the real world and geometry concepts in order to solve problems. Successful problem solvers will be ready for the challenges of mathematics as they advance to more complex topics. The activities in this workbook are designed to help your children catch up, keep up, and get ahead. Best of all, they’ll have lots of fun doing it! Some of the great features you’ll find inside are:
Connect the Plots
Students plot ordered pairs on a coordinate grid, then connect the points to reveal a hidden picture.
Work It Out
Fido’s Friendly Finds is a new pet park in town. Fido’s owner, Frank, wants to offer fenced-in areas for dog training. Students determine the total fencing that he will need, reinforcing skills calculating perimeters.
Paint Puzzler [tentative title]
Hugo is going to paint the set for the community play. Students calculate surface area of different objects to determine the amount of paint he needs.
Flip and Turn
Students reinforce the concepts of flips and turns while drawing flags from around the world.
Game Pieces
The workbook includes tangram pieces for students to cut out and use with games, make patterns, and solve tangram puzzles.
Give your child’s confidence in math a boost with 5th Grade Geometry Success.

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