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Giveaway Opportunity: THE HOPE FACTORY by Lavanya Sankaran

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Sankaran_The Hope Factory Book clubs and readers are raving about The Hope Factory by debut novelist Lavanya Sankaran:

“I will definitely recommend it to my book club.” -Wanda T.

“The storytelling is first rate. I hated to see the book end.” -Barbara B.

“The writing is lovely.” -Betty M.

“The Hope Factory contains everything on my literary wish list.” -GoodReads

With humor, intelligence, and masterly prose, Lavanya Sankaran’s debut novel brilliantly captures the vitality and danger of a newly industrialized city and how it shapes the dreams and aspirations of two very different families.

Anand is a Bangalore success story: successful, well married, rich. At least, that’s how he appears. But if his little factory is to grow, he needs land and money, and, in the New India, neither of these is easy to find.

Kamala, Anand’s family’s maid, lives perilously close to the edge of disaster. She and her clever teenage son have almost nothing, and their small hopes for self-betterment depend on the contentment of Anand’s wife: a woman to whom whims come easily.

But Kamala’s son keeps bad company, and Anand’s marriage is in trouble. The murky world where crime and land and politics meet is a dangerous place for a good man, particularly one on whom the well-being of so many depends.

Rich with irony and compassion, Lavanya Sankaran’s The Hope Factory affirms her gifts as a born storyteller with remarkable prowess, originality, and wisdom.

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