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READER'S CIRCLE: The perfect books for your book club
READER'S CIRCLE: The perfect books for your book club
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If I could have dinner with any author, past or present, it would be Mark Twain. What an incredible character. He was more fantastic than any character in a book. He'd been all over the world at a time when travel was difficult, and met people of all backgrounds, rich, poor, famous, powerful, destitute, and so on. He was intelligent, funny, and incredibly witty. Who better to enjoy a meal with?

I would have dinner with Mr. Twain at a little restaurant in Carson City, Nevada called Adel's. He had spent time in Carson City, in fact, his brother owned a home there. The restaurant serves wonderful food that would remind him of the silver boom days of Virginia City, Nevada, which is only 20 miles up the road, and he had also spent time writing for a newspaper there.

Kim Oswald —Fortuna, CA

If I could invite anyone to my book club, it would probably be Spanish artist Salvador Dali. In addition to the fact that I'm an obsessive artist who reveres his work, I am intrigued by his intuitive and tenacious nature in creating visual art representative of psychoanalysis and the unconscious brain. A book we could discuss would be FIGHT CLUB by Chuck Palahniuk.

Lucas Novak —Santa Barbara, CA

Which characters did I get really attached to? Actually, there's a few of them! George RR Martin wrote A Game of Thrones. I even liked the bad guys!

But Arya (a young girl) and Bran (a young boy, her brother) and Sansa (their sister) all captured my heart. Martin did such an amazing job of making them seem real that it was difficult to wait for another book from him in the series.

Another of my favorite writers is Donna Woolfolk Cross, who did Pope Joan. I loved this one so much I bought extra copies to give away 'cause I refused to part with my own.

Donna Denn —Dublin, TX

My favorite bookstore? Mean Jeanine's Bookshop in Denver, Colorado.

I love this store, knowledgeable staff, every recommendation a winner, and the snotty little comments they tuck in the books are a riot. I've been to a couple of the book clubs and the conversation is always fun and exciting especially the time when Jeanine suggested to the facilitator "ding dong, you're wrong - sometimes a gun is just a gun" When in Denver check this place out, it is a kick in the pants.

Alicia W. —Denver, CO

My favorite place in my region is my local Borders. Its become a meeting ground for our friends to share new books, congregate before dinner and grab a cocoa or latte as we head off to our favorite sections and browse. I've found books I would have normally missed while meandering my way thru the aisles in search of one I wanted, or in search of my group. I also appreciate how many of the bookstores are jumping on the bandwagon and placing 'search' computers thru-out the store. Having tried to ask others for that book "umm i don't know the title or the author but it is blue and about a dog" and getting a confused look (hey it could be any book), I enjoy the chance to search myself.

Crystal Gannon —Philadelphia, PA

As a resident of Metropolitan Detroit, I would suggest the book to be read is "The Dollmaker" by Harriette Arnow. I recently finished this historical novel which beautifully tells the story of the impact upon the City of Detroit and a family of the Kentucky Hills at the end of world war II. Very worthwhile read!

Laurie Blum —Farmington Hills, MI

My guilty pleasures, at least when it comes to reading, are vampire stories. It can be short stories, novels, anything. It's been a fixation since about the sixth grade, when I first read Dracula. I read Interview With A Vampire when it first came out in the 70s and was released only in paperback. We have pictures of me in the dressing room getting ready for my sister's wedding -- reading Salem's Lot. It doesn't matter how campy or how well crafted -- I'll read anything vampire. I even went to a college at Transylvania University (seriously, it's a small liberal arts college in Lexington, Kentucky and predates Bram Stoker's novel). It's an addiction. I have a whole bookshelf of vampire books. I can't believe I just wrote this where people who don't know me can read it.

Charla Jane Hylton —Winchester, KY

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