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READER'S CIRCLE: The perfect books for your book club
READER'S CIRCLE: The perfect books for your book club
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Judging a book by its cover? Spend some time talking about the book jacket and whether or not the package represented the product. What do you like or dislike about the cover and how would you have done it differently?

Take a field trip with your book club. Attend one of the many author events at your local bookstore and come prepared to ask questions and even get your book signed.

Has this ever happened to you: you love the book, you can't put it down, then you turn the last page and feel unsatisfied with the ending? At your next group discussion, put your heads together and develop an alternate ending, and you're feeling really ambitious, dream up the sequel!

Turn your next holiday meal, or big family gathering, into an occasion to talk about books. Select a book several weeks in advance and ask all your guests to read it before coming over. This informal but festive book club could evolve into a family tradition.

They say that William Shakespeare has covered all the plots and dramas that are recycled in contemporary literature. Put that theory to the test at your next discussion. Ask your members if they can detect any stories or themes from Shakespeare's plays.

Inject some fun into your next discussion by playing a game. Write down the names of the characters in your book and throw the names into a hat. Ask each person to pick one, and to be that character for the meeting. Members can ask each other questions in order to guess who is playing the role of which character.

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