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A Letter to Book Clubs from Karen Thompson Walker

January 14th, 2013

Walker_Age of Miracles_TP “A stunner.”—Justin Cronin

New York Times bestseller THE AGE OF MIRACLES finally comes out in paperback tomorrow, January 15! To celebrate, Karen wanted to write a letter to all of her loyal book clubbers.

Dear Book Club Readers,

As I wrote The Age of Miracles, I was drawing partly on my own memories of what it felt like to be a young girl. Like Julia, I was shy, sensitive and easily embarrassed. I remember how much my mother, like Julia’s, wanted me to share my feelings with her and how much, like Julia, I wanted to keep them secret.

I think that adolescence is one of the hardest times for mothers and daughters to navigate, a time when daughters naturally begin to pull away from their mothers even as their mothers long to keep them close. I tried to capture some of that longing and that inevitable gap in the story of Julia and her mother. It seems to me that in a time of catastrophe, these issues would not only persist but intensify.

Maybe that’s why I feel especially moved when I hear from mothers who have read The Age of Miracles and then passed it on to their daughters. As a first time author, it’s still an incredible thrill to hear from any reader, but I find the responses from these mothers and daughters especially satisfying. At a stage of life when parents and children so often mystify one another, I’m so glad to know that for some of them, if only briefly, reading my book can be an experience they share.

Whether you’re a mother or a daughter, or a father or a son, I’m so grateful for your interest in the book.


Karen Thompson Walker

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