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Stop and Sell the Roses
Lessons from Business and Life
Jim McCann

Finance, Business & Economics
Ballantine | Hardcover | May 1998
$25.00 | 0-345-41675-9



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Lessons from Business and Life

Everybody knows Jim McCann. He's the "flower guy," the CEO of 1-800-FLOWERS, who appears in all those terrific television ads. McCann is actually a unique corporate leader who in less than a decade took his company from the verge of bankruptcy to a $300 million business that ranks as the world's largest florist. Now in this upbeat, engaging book, McCann tells the amazing story of how he bootstrapped his way to phenomenal business success--and how you can do it too.

Forget the hard sell, the killer instinct, the power suit, and the iron handshake. If you want to make a business take off these days, you need to base it on relationships--warm, real, human contact with the people you work with and sell to. McCann says it best: "Like all human relationships, business involves a need to make contact. Satisfy that need and the money will follow."

In Stop and Sell the Roses, McCann shares the secrets he learned along his unique road to success, a journey that began in one of New York's toughest neighborhoods and resulted in a multimillion-dollar business. Learn from McCann how to:

And much more!

Funny, insightful, brimming with McCann's irresistible wit and street-smart wisdom, this is a business book like no other you've ever read--a book that will make you laugh as it gives you the tools you need to build your own winning business today.

"This is not your typical business book. Stop and Sell the Roses is fun to read--a real page-turner--and is filled with insight, humor, and great stories."
--Tracy Mullin, President, National Retail Federation

"In Stop and Sell the Roses, Jim McCann provides a blueprint for getting the most out of business and life."
--Chase Carey, Chairman and CEO, Fox Television

"I have always been impressed with Jim's understanding of how to build an agressive business around warm, solid customer relationships. He has a lot to teach us all."
--Ted Waitt, Chairman and CEO, Gateway 2000

"Stop and Sell the Roses is a must read for individuals looking to accomplish great things."
--Willie Davis, President, All Pro Broadcasting, Inc.; NFL Hall-of-Famer, Green Bay Packers

"There are no thorns in Jim McCann's book, Stop and Sell the Roses. His lessons in business and life cut to the chase and shatter traditional business myths and icons. Reading this book not only is a good investment in one's future and career, it's also as entertaining as it is informative."
--Michael Feuer, Cofounder and CEO, OfficeMax, Inc.

When I was in college, I took World Lit 101, and among the books we had to read was Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. We had a few choices, but I went with Anna because the back cover said it had to do with adultery and I was an eighteen-year-old boy, so I hoped for some hot parts. I have two things to report. Although it is a terrific story, there are no hot parts. And secondly, I urge you to consider the opening lines. "All unhappy families are the same, each unhappy family has a different tale to tell."

That may be true for families, but not for business. In my experience, all unhappy businesses are the same: they go out of business. But every successful business is a thing unto itself. If I hadn't seen an ad for a flower franchise while wolfing down a baloney sandwich one afternoon in Queens, I might today be the proud operator of a carwash on Lefferts Boulevard, or maybe a McDonalds somewhere on Long Island. A lot of things had to happen just right before my desire to be a businessman turned into a successful enterprise. The original 1-800-FLOWERS guys in Dallas had run out of time with their big idea so they would need to unload the company. Bernie Lynch had to front me three months' worth of flowers because my cash flow was basically minus. And on and on. So, yes, there are lessons to draw from my experience, and I am not going to let you finish this book without laying my deeply considered wisdom on you (again). But before I do that, remember that businesses, like people, have lives. And life is a one-time event....

Or, to put it another way, opportunity never announces in advance when it is going to come knocking. Make sure you're not hanging around in your underwear. Put some jeans on. Answer the door.

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Author Biography
Jim McCann is the president of 1-800-FLOWERS, the world's largest florist. Prior to becoming a florist more than twenty years ago, he was a social worker in New York City.

Jim was recently named Toastmasters International's top business speaker. His other honors include the Entrepeneur of the Year Award, the Retailer of the Year Award, and the Direct Marketer of the Year Award. He is also active in numerous business and community organizations, including the board of directors of Gateway 2000, OfficeMax, the National Retail Federation, PETCO Animal Supplies, and Very Special Arts. Jim lives on Long Island with his wife and three children.

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