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    Reader Reviews

    “Guernsey is everything I had hoped- a testimony to the enduring power of friendship and love, the belief that people can overcome great adversity and go on to even greater things, and an all-around “feel good” book that should be welcomed by any book club or individual reader.”
    — Carla Hund

    “I was lucky enough to hear Annie Barrows speak. She was delightful. I loved the book and as a librarian I do suggest it to customers.”
    — Jane Stein, Excelsior Library, Excelsior, MN

    “I am delighted to be reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  Like all good books, it has taken hold of me. I was reading yesterday on a flight from DC to San Fran—and three different people stopped by to talk to me about the book. Two had read it already—another had it recommended by a friend. And I had another conversation about the book when another stranger stopped me as I sat reading outside of a restaurant. I promise, I started none of these conversations. But was happy to be in each.

    “I LOVE books that successfully capture different voices—and to do that, by letter, and with an authentic voice of another time in history, is quite the accomplishment. And that two authors wrote the book is astonishing to me.”
    — Denise Neary

    “I laughed from one eye & cried from the other as I read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Societyby Shaffer and Barrows. The book was lovely, I read it in one all-nighter & hated for it to end! Will be a selection for my book review club as well as a perfect gift for graduations & birthdays of my friends this summer. BRAVA – 4 stars ****”
    — Laurie Blum

    “One of the top 10 books I have ever read. It is a wonderful book, lovingly written in a clever format, with lots of good history as well. Men and women have read this book and liked it a lot. Both my book clubs have read it. We have had many great discussions based on it.”
    — Carol Koss

    Without a doubt one of the most charming books I have read in ages. Shaffer and Barrows have taken a somewhat antiquated literary device and created fully drawn characters with wonderful stories to tell. Everyone I have recommended the book to loved it, and at least two women immediately went out and bought copies for their 80-something- year-old mothers. I told my husband (a man with an unquenchable thirst for mysteries and thrillers) that he had to read it, and he was delighted to have done so. He too has been recommending it to his literary fellow-travelers. I only wish that every book that receives ‘rave reviews’ delivered as well as this one.”
    — Julie Anne Overton

    “My book club read it. They all loved it. We did not want it to end. Some of us would only read 2 letters at a time—to savor the writing and story. We have shared our thoughts with everyone that would listen. It is truly a gem in the world of novels. We loved the characters and felt like they were friends by the time we finished reading it. It was a great book.”
    — Dian Boysen

    “There is so much that I want to say about this book, but all I can think of is OMG!!!OMG!!! It was the most refreshing book I have read in a long time. I felt like I was there on the island with all the characters (as a matter of fact I did look it up). I laughed and I cried and I just enjoyed it!!!”
    — Reeca

    “This book has been one of the most interesting for our book group to read and discuss. The majority of our members were young during WWII and had no idea that Guernsey had been occupied, or that it was so near the European coast. The characters were wonderful and reading the book was a wonderful experience.  Most of the books set during WWII have battles and destruction, whereas this one shows just what it was like to suffer through the war with the lack of things and yet come through with undaunted spirits. I highly recommend the book and wouldn’t mind if one of my other book groups were to discuss it, since there are as many approaches to it as there are people.”
    — Mary

    “I love, love, love this book!! The characters are so real that I feel like I know them. The format of letters is such a good way to tell a story. I want to go to Guernsey and meet all these people.  This is a terrific story and my book group is going to discuss it at our August meeting.”
    — Anna

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the book’s layout and how the reader met each character & heard the story through their letters. How very creative those folks were and how amazing they could find humor and unselfish love during such terrible days. I have given The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society to my daughters and several friends. It is such a great read!”
    — Ann Zeigler

    The title alone told me it would be a very interesting book! I was right.  From the minute I started it, I spent every spare minute reading it.  At first I wondered at the form of the book — could you really tell a story adequately in just letters?  With no long paragraphs of description, and pages and pages of dialogue?  I didn’t really think I would like that. I was so pleasantly surprised.  Reading letters is sort of like “skipping to all the good parts”!   I found it was also a very good way to get to know the many characters.  The more I got into the story, the more I loved it.  Authors Shaffer and Barrows have done a wonderful job in making this such a heart-warming novel.  They made their characters so charming, and told their story so well. The individual personalities of the people from Guernsey were so warm, so kind, so generous.  They shared the horrible days of The Occupation by the Germans, bonding them to each other in a way nothing else could.  There were also many stories told about those days that were not horrible, but showed how loving, loyal, and determined these people were to each other.  Juliet had to meet them, and by so doing also became a part of their lives, and they hers.  And she chose never to leave.
    What a beautiful story!  It contained all the emotions necessary to grab a reader.  The characters were lively and fun, but carried dark experiences through which you couldn’t help but admire them.  For me this book had it all.  I’m so happy to have read it.

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