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    Annotated List of Important Books in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

    Jane Austen
    - Pride and Prejudice. Isola plans on speaking about it at a meeting but her goat eats her notes (p. 234).

    Emily Bronte
    - Wuthering Heights. One of Isola’s favorite books. She talks about Anne and Charlotte Bronte as well but doesn’t mention specific titles (p. 53).

    Thomas Carlyle
    - Past and Present. The first book that Will Thisbee enjoys helps him “get a grip on Faith.” (p. 101).

    Geoffrey Chaucer
    - The Canterbury Tales. Sidney’s favorite favorite book; the topic of a Society meeting (p. 243).

    Charles Dickens
    - The Pickwick Papers. Amelia’s favorite – it lifts her spirits during the Occupation (p. 50).

    Charles Lamb
    - Selected Essays of Elia. Dawsey has Juliet’s old copy; reason for his first letter to her (p. 9).
    - More Essays of Elia and Selected Letters. Juliet sends to Dawsey (p. 11).

    Wilfred Owen
    - The Collected Poems of Wilfred Owen. Owen’s poetry helps Clovis Fossey to describe his experiences in WWI (p. 72).

    Rainer Maria Rilke
    - Collected poetry (exact title not specified). A gift from Christian to Elizabet6h, with the inscription, “For Elizabeth, who turns darkness into light.” (p. 259).

    - Letters of Seneca. John Booker writes that Seneca and the Society keep him from being a drunk (p. 88).

    William Shakespeare
    - Selections from Shakespeare. Eben Ramsey’s favorite book. He quotes Shakespeare when talking about the German troops landing on Guernsey (p. 63).

    Oscar Wilde
    – An important author in the book—he writes a series of letters to Isola’s grandmother—but none of his works are specifically mentioned.

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