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    “I wonder how the book got to Guernsey? Perhaps there is some secret sort of homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers.”

    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is full of quotes about books and reading. What are your favorites? Let us know by posting a comment below!

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    12 Responses to ““I wonder how the book got to Guernsey? Perhaps there is some secret sort of homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers.”

    1. Liz says:

      I just found this book-on-CD at the library this past wknd, and it is absolutely wonderful! Whenever Eben Ramsey writes (or reads, as the case may be on my CDs) about his grandson Eli — those are my favorites parts…so far. I’m only about halfway through. It’s so rare that a book has so many characters that are still able to define themselves and not confuse the reader. And the way this story looks at WWII brings a perspective you rarely hear about. So glad to have happened upon this book….

    2. Barbara Dozzo says:

      I rarely read books written in first person. This one I could not put down. The characters are so alive! I feel I could visit the island and envision Dawsey, Iola, Amelia and Kit.

      One of my favorite chapters is about the Benoit twins, with their dart board of Wallis Simpson. I imagine my mother reading this, and using Carmella as the target!. She was always loyal to the “Royals”.

    3. Corinne Elliott says:

      I love to read and so rarely read a book more than once, having so many in my “queue”….This one I read twice, 6 months apart. It was just as good the second time around. I recommend it to everybody! And, hope I get to see the Channel Islands one day. I also read 84 Charing Cross and its sequel which is a nice somewhat similar book….I am so sorry there will be no more from the late author….She will be a “one book author” like Harper Lee……

    4. Kathy Abraham says:

      What a lovely read! This novel rated a satisfied sigh and a wish that the book had been longer. I enjoy “letter books,” such as “Daddy Long Legs” or “84 Charing Cross Road.” GLAPPPS joins them as one of my favorite novels. It’s a treat to find a novel that reveals history with such strong, real characters.

    5. Ann Nilsson says:

      My 86 year old mother read the book, loved it and told me about it. I’m telling all my friends to read this book.The book is so witty and heartwarming.I love Isola.I wish there were going to be more of these books.

    6. Stephanie says:

      just one of the ones that made me laugh about Isola:

      “… she believes in breaking the ice by stamping on it”

    7. Linda Hickman says:

      “When adding eggs, break the shells first.” These are words any person can relate to -chef or not! I found several other quotes that Ms Shaffer includied that seem to touch the reason why I read. This was a selection from both of my bookclubs, all members seemed to enjoy it with the lone male (my husband) the exception. “Not his cup of tea”, perhaps the women liked discovering and uncovering the characters more.

    8. Shirley Chizma says:

      I am an avid reader and never in my life have I finished a book, and returned to page one to start again. This book changed all that. I finished it, mulled on it for a few minutes, and re-opened it because I knew I had missed things (and I did take my time reading it!). I enjoyed it as much or more the second read. It was still hard to finish the book in that I really missed the characters when I was done. I know already it is a book that I will read again and again through the years to come. My favourite quote is the one above about books finding their perfect readers, just because books are so precious to me. I have a pretty extensive library and Guernsey will always have a special place in it.

    9. John Bailey says:

      A “nice” story, but the letter format was done before with “84 Charring Cross Road”. That book (and movie) was really good. Also did not like the “americanisms” that appear in the writing. No-one in England or CI at that time would have used them, they are so out of place. But it was a good summer read.

    10. Debbie Hernick says:

      I absolutely LOVED this book! My book group is discussing it next week and everyone is very excited. I have one question- why are there no letters from Sophie? Juliet references Sophie’s letters but the authors never show them to the reader. Any thoughts?

    11. Susan Adams says:

      A reply to John Bailey’s comment that “the letter format was done before…” Yes, it’s been done before. Epistolary novels are an entire literary genre, perhaps beginning with “Prisoner of Love” in the 1400s. However, rarely have I seen the genre handled as brilliantly as in GLAPPPS. Each character, whether the writer or the written-about, is absolutely flesh and blood to me. I loved this novel, and I loved its back story. Simply a delight.

    12. Yes , I really am from the Channel Islands ( Jersey ) and yes I survived the five years of occupation. I am 82.
      I have just returned from Jersey and flew over to Guernesy for lunch to visit a Jersey friend whose home is in Guernsey.
      I am frquently invited to speak at Book clubs. I loved the book and was particularly appreciated Miss Schaffers description of our lives living under Occupation. In fact
      I am scheduled for 2 book clubs starting January 2010.I am a faithful Aamerican citizen who will always be from the Channel island of Jersey!

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