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"McLain has done meticulous research (including reading hundreds of the couple's letters to each other) and transports the reader to a different place and time, painting a compelling portrait of the relationship as seen through Hadley's eyes. This well-written look at the early adult life of a tortured literary genius is fascinating and will keep readers turning the pages to the very end."
Post & Courier

"Exquisitely evocative ... This absorbing, illuminating book gives us an intimate view of a sympathetic and perceptive woman, the striving writer she married, the glittering and wounding Paris circle they were part of, and the challenges of trying to preserve love and domesticity in the face of rising celebrity and ruthless ambition. Though she draws faithfully from historical resources (including the couple's letters to one another), McLain reinvents the story of Hadley and Ernest's romance with the lucid grace of a practiced poet."
Seattle Times

"A sweet love story with surprising emotional impact ... McLain recreates the well-trodden territory of the Lost Generation with more skill and effect than anything written in recent years. Her Hadley Richardson lived with her husband as an everywoman who was very much of her time, and very comfortable there. Her pain is visceral yet so delicately written that her perceptions are trusted and her reactions felt deeply. If the real first Mrs. Hemingway was anything like this creation, it is easy to divine how Ernest fell in love."
Chicago Sun-Times

"An insightful, bittersweet novel ... emotionally authentic and well-rooted in its time."
Denver Post

"Paula McLain's emotionally revealing story celebrates both an iconic American writer and a woman of great grace and dignity. THE PARIS WIFE deserves every accolade bestowed upon it."
Mobile Register

"Paula McLain's fictional account of Hemingway's first marriage beautifully captures the sense of despair and faint hope that pervaded the era and their marriage."
Associated Press

"Women and book groups are going to eat up this novel ... The evocative PARIS WIFE made me return to The Sun Also Rises and Hemingway's own remembrance of Paris in the '20s, A Moveable Feast. I thank McLain for those renewed reading pleasures and for her own insights into a complicated literary figure and the sweet first wife he loved, then let go."
USA Today

"McLain's novel not only gives Hadley a voice, but one that seems authentic and admirable. There's a quiet dignity to the woman often dismissed as 'the early wife, the Paris wife.' ... [McLain] makes a compelling case that Hadley was a crucial (and long-lasting) influence on Hemingway's writing life: a partner as well as a cheerleader. She also revisits, with remarkable detail, a singular era in history, one that would produce some of the greatest literary works of the 20th century."

"THE PARIS WIFE creates the kind of out-of-body reading experience that dedicated book lovers yearn for, nearly as good as reading Hemingway for the first time—and it doesn't get much better than that."
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"If you're looking for a poignant romance that offers both substance and sustenance, I have a book for you. ... Drawing from biographies, love letters, and Hemingway's novels, McLain blends fact and fiction to explore the inner workings of the courtship and marriage of Hemingway and the lovely, reclusive woman who fell passionately in love with him. Told largely in Hadley's voice, this luscious narrative describes two people drawn together by painful early histories, and eager to sample life's richness. ... For those of us who think we already know everything about 'Papa' Hemingway, THE PARIS WIFE gives us the chance to learn more about his youthful character."
Boston Globe

"Hadley Richardson comes into her own in Paula McLain's stylish new novel."
New York Times Book Review

"[THE PARIS WIFE] is an imaginative homage to Hadley Richardson Hemingway, whose quiet support helped her young husband become a writer, and it gives readers a chance to see the person Hemingway aspired to be before fame turned him into something else. ... Part of McLain's accomplishment in this origin story is to make us look again at the Paris husband behind the Paris wife; not at the mythical swaggering Papa, but at the young, death-consumed writer who became a poet of death, who invented a new language to bring it to life, and whose brute emotional literary power will not be dismissed."
Washington Post

"Paula McLain's vivid, clear-voiced novel is a conjecture, an act of imaginary autobiography on the part of the author. Yet her biographical and geographical research is so deep, and her empathy for the real Hadley Richardson so forthright (without being intrusively femme partisan), that the account reads as very real indeed. ... By making the ordinary come to life, McLain has written a beautiful portrait of being in Paris in the glittering 1920s—as a wife and one's own woman."
Entertainment Weekly (A–)

"Here comes Paula McLain's marvelous new novel THE PARIS WIFE, which explores those absinthe-soaked days through the eyes of Hemingway's first wife, Hadley Richardson."
Marie Claire

"McLain's vivid account of the couple's love affair and expat adventures—including absinthe-fueled nights with the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald—will leave you feeling sad yet dazzled."

"In THE PARIS WIFE, McLain has taken their love story, partially told by Hemingway himself in A Moveable Feast, and fashioned a novel that's impossible to resist. It's all here, and it all feels real."

"Told in the voice of Ernest Hemingway's first wife, THE PARIS WIFE by Paula McLain is a richly imagined portrait of bohemian 1920s Paris, and of American literature's original bad boy."
Town & Country

"You don't have to be up on your Hemingway to get lost in this story and the free-wheeling, wine-soaked atmosphere of 1920s Paris."

"In this new novel, which reimagines Richardson and Hemingway's early days as a couple in 1920s Paris, Paula McLain has given the shy, aspiring pianist a rich, likeable persona. ... Hard to put down."
The Week

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Tuesday, January 8—MIAMI, FL
11:30 am
Book & Author Luncheon
Brickell Avenue Literary Society
Northern Trust Bank
700 Brickell Avenue
Miami, FL 33131

Thursday, February 7—SACRAMENTO, CA
6:00 pm
Talk & Signing
Sacramento Bee Book Club
Tsakopoulos Library Galleria
828 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Saturday, February 16—SAVANNAH, GA
Telfair Square
Talk & Signing
Savannah Book Festival
Savannah, GA

Monday, February 18—HILTON HEAD, SC
12:00 pm
Lunch, Talk & Signing
USCB Lunch with the Author Series
Sea Pines Resort
32 Greenwood Dr
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Thursday, March 7—TUCSON, AZ
Talk & Signing
Literary Escape at Canyon Ranch
8600 E. Rockcliff Road
Tucson, AZ 85750

Saturday, March 9—TUCSON, AZ
11:30 am
Panel & Signing
Tucson Festival of Books

Monday, March 18—PITTSBURGH, PA
7:30 pm
Talk & Signing
Drue Heinz Arts & Lecture Series
Carnegie Music Hall
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Monday, March 25—NAPLES, FLM
11:15 am
Talk & Signing
Friends of the Library of Collier County/Nick Linn Lecture Series
Orchid Ballroom
Waldorf Astoria
475 Seagate Drive
Naples, FL 34103

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