Kabul Beauty School

"Delightful...[a] bighearted and entertaining memoir."
Entertainment Weekly

"Lively...a dishy but substantial read."
People Magazine (four stars, Critic's Choice)

"[A] rollicking story...Kabul Beauty School transcends the feel-good genre largely because of the author's superior storytelling gifts and wicked sense of humor."
The New York Times

"Fascinating...lively and honest."
USA Today

"[Rodriguez's] descriptions are endearingly frank (even about her own social gaffes), and her attempts to help those in need are inspirational and engaging."
The Washington Post

"Composed of heartbreak, hope, poignancy and candor...Kabul Beauty School is laid out masterfully, pulling readers in from the very first page."
Los Angeles Times

"Kabul Beauty School should come packaged with a cheesecake. It's that well suited for book clubs."
Cleveland Plain Dealer

"[A] jaw-dropping true story, alternately hilarious and moving . . .The school was both an oasis and an opportunity."
New York Daily News

"Terrifically readable, and rich in personal stories."
Kirkus Reviews

"Colorful, suspenseful, funny... witty and insightful."
Publishers Weekly (starred)

"Deborah Rodriguez went to Afghanistan to transform her own life and ended up revolutionizing the lives of many of her Afghan sisters. This book made me feel like I was right there in the beauty salon, sharing in the tears and laughter as, outside my door, an entire country changed. Kabul Beauty School is inspiring, exciting, and not to be missed."
—Masha Hamilton, author of The Distance Between Us and The Camel Bookmobile

"An enthralling story from the opening page. Rodriugez's memoir captivated me with its humor and feminine power. A more apt name for a salon could not be found: that small building, where the practice of beauty is both an act of defiance and tradition, is indeed an oasis. A place I was very happy to linger in."
—Marsha Mehran, author of Pomegranate Soup

"Rodriguez writes an eye-opening and heart rendering story of tenacity and courage as she empowers, employs and enriches the women of Kabul to run their own beauty parlor businesses. In her writing she gives a new voice to the people of Afghanistan. You will finish it and want to meet her!"
—Carol Fitzgerald, Founder/President of Bookreporter.com

What Book Clubs are Saying about Kabul Beauty School:

"This is a beauty of a book! Just as I cannot think of any person who would not benefit from a salon visit, I cannot imagine a woman not benefiting from reading of Debbie Rodriguez's beautiful mission. I was on the edge of my salon chair as I read her gut-wrenching story that revealed true beauty outside and within."
—Kathy L. Patrick, Founder of The Pulpwood Queens Book Club

"I was immediately hooked after the first chapter and was unable to put it down. I was both amazed and intrigued by Debbie Rodriguez's courage and perseverance in not only opening, running and keeping the school going but also with her marriage to Sam. I know that my book club will enjoy this book and the discussion should be very interesting. It was a wonderful read."
—Cathleen O'Toole, Neighborhood Book Club Milford, Ohio

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this captivating book. I felt a real connection to how everyday life is there and even though there are sad realities, the author described a more uplifting and sometimes humorous lifestyle. I wish I could read another chapter to see how the Beauty School is thriving now. My book club has selected this book to read in April."
—Cheryl Ramsey from Butler, PA

"I thoroughly enjoyed Deborah Rodriguez's experiences and the episodic way of presenting them. I'm amazed that Deborah was able to confront men and government without any repercussions. She's working a miracle with her beauty schools and I wish her and the program much success. I'll definitely be recommending this one when it is released."
—Anne Glasgow from Austin TX

"I couldn't put the book down and I was extremely touched by Deborah Rodriguez's story. I will be sure to share this book with my book club as well as my family and friends. This book impressed me on so many levels -- the story of Deborah Rodriguez, the women she encountered, the bond between women, the culture of Afghanistan, etc. The stories of the Afghan women will continue to haunt me over the next few weeks. Their courage and dedication are so uplifting." &mdashJulie Peterson from Mechanicsburg, PA

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