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Reisman, Nancy
The First Desire, Trade Paperback
August 30, 2005

Rendell, Ruth
Adam and Eve and Pinch Me, Trade Paperback
January 14, 2003

Rendell, Ruth
End in Tears, Trade Paperback
June 26, 2007

Rendell, Ruth
The Water's Lovely, Trade Paperback
August 12, 2008

Restrepo, Laura
Delirium, Trade Paperback
March 11, 2008

Ricci, Nino
The Origin of Species, Trade Paperback
April 6, 2010

Rice, Anne
Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana, Trade Paperback
February 1, 2011

Rice, Anne
Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana, Hardcover
March 4, 2008

Rice, Anne
The Wolf Gift, Trade Paperback
January 29, 2013

Rice, Anne
The Wolves of Midwinter, Trade Paperback
June 17, 2014

Rice, Luanne
Angels All Over Town, Trade Paperback
March 28, 2006

Rice, Luanne
Cloud Nine, Trade Paperback
August 26, 2008

Rice, Luanne
Dream Country, Trade Paperback
August 26, 2008

Rice, Luanne
Stone Heart, Trade Paperback
March 29, 2005

Richler, Mordecai
Barney's Version, Trade Paperback
May 4, 2010

Richmond Mouillot, Miranda
A Fifty-Year Silence, Hardcover
January 20, 2015

Richmond, Michelle
Dream of the Blue Room, Trade Paperback
February 16, 2010

Richmond, Michelle
Golden State, Trade Paperback
February 4, 2014

Richmond, Michelle
No One You Know, Trade Paperback
May 19, 2009

Richmond, Michelle
The Year of Fog, Trade Paperback
February 26, 2008

Ridley, Glynis
The Discovery of Jeanne Baret, Trade Paperback
December 6, 2011

Riggs, Jack
The Fireman's Wife, Trade Paperback
December 30, 2008

Riggs, Jack
When the Finch Rises, Trade Paperback
August 31, 2004

Riley, Judith Merkle
The Water Devil, Trade Paperback
January 23, 2007

Rivers, Francine
Redeeming Love, Hardcover
October 16, 2007

Robinson, Roxana
Sweetwater, Trade Paperback
March 8, 2005

Rodriguez, Deborah
Kabul Beauty School, Trade Paperback
December 18, 2007

Rogers, Jonathan
The Charlatan's Boy, Trade Paperback
October 5, 2010

Roiphe, Anne
An Imperfect Lens, Trade Paperback
October 24, 2006

Roiphe, Katie
Uncommon Arrangements, Trade Paperback
May 20, 2008

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