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Johnson, Diane
Jane Eyre, Trade Paperback
November 14, 2000

Johnson, Diane
Wuthering Heights, Trade Paperback
November 28, 2000

Jones, Steve
The Voyage of the Beagle, Trade Paperback
March 13, 2001

Jacobs, Jane
Hard Times, Trade Paperback
July 10, 2001

Johnson, Charles
Invisible Man, Hardcover
June 14, 1994

Johnson, Charles
Juneteenth, Trade Paperback
June 13, 2000

Jackson, Brian Keith
The Queen of Harlem, Trade Paperback
April 1, 2003

Jackson-Opoku, Sandra
The River Where Blood Is Born, Trade Paperback
August 18, 1998

Jacob, Mira
The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing, Hardcover
July 1, 2014

James, E L
Fifty Shades of Grey, Trade Paperback
April 3, 2012

James, Henry
The Bostonians, Trade Paperback
December 9, 2003

James, Henry
Daisy Miller, Trade Paperback
January 8, 2002

James, Henry
The Turn of the Screw & In the Cage, Trade Paperback
May 8, 2001

James, Henry
Washington Square, Trade Paperback
October 8, 2002

James, Kay-Marie
Cooking for Harry, Trade Paperback
December 28, 2004

James, P.D.
Death Comes to Pemberley, Trade Paperback
January 1, 2013

James, P.D.
Death Comes to Pemberley (Movie Tie-in Edition), Trade Paperback
October 7, 2014

James, P.D.
The Lighthouse, Trade Paperback
October 10, 2006

James, P.D.
The Murder Room, Trade Paperback
November 9, 2004

James, Tania
Aerogrammes, Trade Paperback
March 5, 2013

James, Tania
Atlas of Unknowns, Trade Paperback
April 20, 2010

James, Tania
The Tusk That Did the Damage, Hardcover
March 10, 2015

Jamison, Kay Redfield
Night Falls Fast, Trade Paperback
October 10, 2000

Jamison, Kay Redfield
Nothing Was the Same, Trade Paperback
January 11, 2011

Jamison, Kay Redfield
An Unquiet Mind, Trade Paperback
January 14, 1997

Japin, Arthur
In Lucia's Eyes, Trade Paperback
February 13, 2007

Jarrett, Norma L.
Sunday Brunch, Trade Paperback
June 8, 2004

Jarrett, Norma L.
The Sunday Brunch Diaries, Trade Paperback
August 19, 2008

Jarrett, Norma L.
Sweet Magnolia, Trade Paperback
June 6, 2006

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