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Bohjalian, Chris
Skeletons at the Feast, Trade Paperback
February 10, 2009

Bohjalian, Chris
Skeletons at the Feast, Hardcover
May 6, 2008

Bohjalian, Chris
Trans-Sister Radio, Trade Paperback
August 14, 2001

Bond, Cynthia
Ruby, Hardcover
April 29, 2014

Borden, Debra
Lucky Me, Trade Paperback
March 28, 2006

Borden, Sarah Gardner
Games To Play After Dark, Trade Paperback
May 3, 2011

Boyd, William
Any Human Heart, Trade Paperback
January 6, 2004

Boyden, Amanda
Babylon Rolling, Trade Paperback
August 11, 2009

Boyden, Joseph
The Orenda, Trade Paperback
February 3, 2015

Boyden, Joseph
The Orenda, Hardcover
May 13, 2014

Boyne, John
The Absolutist, Trade Paperback
July 10, 2012

Boyne, John
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Trade Paperback
October 23, 2007

Boyne, John
The Boy In the Striped Pajamas (Movie Tie-in Edition), Trade Paperback
October 28, 2008

Boyne, John
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Hardcover
September 12, 2006

Bradley, Alan
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Trade Paperback
January 19, 2010

Bradley, James
Flags of Our Fathers, Trade Paperback
May 13, 2003

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
The Mists of Avalon, Trade Paperback
May 12, 1987

Bragg, Rick
All Over but the Shoutin', Trade Paperback
September 8, 1998

Bragg, Rick
Ava's Man, Trade Paperback
August 13, 2002

Bragg, Rick
The Prince of Frogtown, Trade Paperback
April 7, 2009

Bramham, Daphne
The Secret Lives of Saints, Trade Paperback
January 6, 2009

Brandeis, Gayle
Self Storage, Trade Paperback
February 12, 2008

Brands, H.W.
The First American, Trade Paperback
March 12, 2002

Braselton, Jeanne
A False Sense of Well Being, Trade Paperback
October 1, 2002

Braselton, Jeanne
The Other Side of Air, Trade Paperback
August 29, 2006

Brashares, Ann
The Second Summer of the Sisterhood, Trade Paperback
December 28, 2004

Brashares, Ann
Sisterhood Everlasting (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), Trade Paperback
March 6, 2012

Brashares, Ann
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Trade Paperback
March 11, 2003

Bray, Libba
A Great and Terrible Beauty, Trade Paperback
March 22, 2005

Bray, Rosemary
Unafraid of the Dark, Trade Paperback
March 16, 1999

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