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Valenzuela, Liliana
Caramelo, Trade Paperback
September 9, 2003

Volokhonsky, Larissa
War and Peace, Trade Paperback
December 2, 2008

Vaill, Amanda
Everybody Was So Young, Trade Paperback
April 20, 1999

Vaillant, John
The Tiger, Trade Paperback
May 3, 2011

Valentine, Katherine
Grace Will Lead Me Home, Trade Paperback
July 20, 2004

Valentine, Katherine
The Haunted Rectory, Trade Paperback
June 6, 2006

Vamos, Miklos
The Book of Fathers, Trade Paperback
October 13, 2009

Van Allen, Lisa
The Night Garden, Trade Paperback
October 7, 2014

Van Allen, Lisa
The Wishing Thread, Trade Paperback
August 27, 2013

Van Draanen, Wendelin
Swear to Howdy, Trade Paperback
November 8, 2005

van Praag, Menna
The Dress Shop of Dreams, Trade Paperback
December 30, 2014

Vanderbes, Jennifer
Easter Island, Trade Paperback
June 1, 2004

Vardey, Lucinda
Being Generous, Trade Paperback
September 30, 2008

Verghese, Abraham
Cutting for Stone, Trade Paperback
January 26, 2010

Verghese, Abraham
Cutting for Stone, Hardcover
February 3, 2009

Verghese, Abraham
My Own Country, Trade Paperback
April 25, 1995

Verne, Jules
Around the World in Eighty Days, Trade Paperback
December 30, 2003

Verne, Jules
Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Trade Paperback
December 9, 2003

Vilar, Irene
Impossible Motherhood, Trade Paperback
October 6, 2009

Vincent, Leah
Cut Me Loose, Hardcover
January 21, 2014

Vincenzi, Penny
The Best of Times, Trade Paperback
June 22, 2010

Vincenzi, Penny
Sheer Abandon, Trade Paperback
April 8, 2008

Volk, Patricia
Stuffed, Trade Paperback
October 22, 2002

Volk, Patricia
To My Dearest Friends, Trade Paperback
April 8, 2008

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