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Powers, Ron
Flags of Our Fathers, Trade Paperback
May 13, 2003

Perry, ZoŽ
Adultery, Hardcover
August 19, 2014

Perry, Anne
The Woman in White, Trade Paperback
January 8, 2002

Putnam, Samuel
Don Quixote de La Mancha, Hardcover
July 28, 1998

Pullman, Philip
Oliver Twist, Trade Paperback
October 9, 2001

Perry, Anne
A Study in Scarlet, Trade Paperback
June 10, 2003

Pressler, Mirjam
The Diary of a Young Girl, Trade Paperback
February 1, 1996

Prose, Francine
New Grub Street, Trade Paperback
November 12, 2002

Palmer, Laura
Escape, Trade Paperback
December 30, 2008

Perry, Anne
The Phantom of the Opera, Trade Paperback
December 10, 2002

Perry, Anne
The Scarlet Pimpernel, Trade Paperback
November 12, 2002

Packer, Ann
The Dive From Clausen's Pier, Trade Paperback
April 8, 2003

Packer, Ann
Songs Without Words, Trade Paperback
July 29, 2008

Packer, Ann
Swim Back to Me, Trade Paperback
April 3, 2012

Page, Jean Reynolds
Accidental Happiness, Trade Paperback
September 26, 2006

Page, Jean Reynolds
A Blessed Event, Trade Paperback
January 25, 2005

Pagels, Elaine
Beyond Belief, Trade Paperback
May 4, 2004

Palahniuk, Chuck
Diary, Trade Paperback
September 14, 2004

Palka, Kurt
Clara, Trade Paperback
March 25, 2014

Pamuk, Orhan
The Black Book, Trade Paperback
July 11, 2006

Pamuk, Orhan
Istanbul, Trade Paperback
July 11, 2006

Pamuk, Orhan
The Museum of Innocence, Trade Paperback
October 5, 2010

Pamuk, Orhan
My Name Is Red, Hardcover
November 2, 2010

Pamuk, Orhan
My Name Is Red, Trade Paperback
August 27, 2002

Pamuk, Orhan
The New Life, Trade Paperback
March 31, 1998

Pamuk, Orhan
Other Colors, Trade Paperback
November 11, 2008

Pamuk, Orhan
Silent House, Trade Paperback
July 2, 2013

Pamuk, Orhan
Snow, Trade Paperback
July 19, 2005

Pamuk, Orhan
The White Castle, Trade Paperback
March 31, 1998

Paolini, Christopher
Eldest, Hardcover
August 23, 2005

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