Gleeps! It’s the Trixie Belden trivia quiz!

How much do you know about Trixie? Take this quiz and find out!

How does Trixie save Jim during the blizzard in The Mysterious Code?
She ties a rope around his waist.
She whistles the Bob-Whites’ secret call.
She rings the schoolhouse bell.
She sends Reddy to find him.

Miss Trask is Honey’s:
music teacher.

In Mystery in Arizona, what two subjects is Trixie failing?
English and Botany
History and Biology
Math and Social Studies
Math and English

What are the first words Trixie ever says to Honey?
“Hi! I’m Trixie Belden!”
“Who are you?”
“Don’t pay attention to him.”
“Nice dress.”

How much older is Mart than Trixie?
11 months
one year
two years
13 months

In The Gatehouse Mystery, Mart hides the diamond in:
a strawberry-shaped pincushion.
Bobby’s teddy bear.
the toe of Brian’s riding boot.
the dirt on the gatehouse floor.

At the end of The Happy Valley Mystery, Jim gives Trixie:
a silver bracelet.
a flashlight.
three clues to solve the mystery.
a big kiss.

The Beldens’ dog Reddy is a:
French poodle.
German shepherd.
cocker spaniel.
Irish setter.

Dan Mangan is the nephew of:
Mr. Belden
Mr. Lytell
Mr. Maypenny

How many men at the Wheeler’s manor house have red hair?