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In which film was Jackie kicked by Bruce Lee, flying fifteen feet and through a wall without a safety device?
The Deadly Three
Fist of Fury
Enter the Dragon

How old was Jackie when he appeared in his first movie?

In which of Jackie's movies did the special effects for a meteor consist of a sparkler being waved around in front of a black backdrop?
Dragon Fist
Shaolin Wooden Men
Spiritual Kung Fu

Who kicked out one of Jackie's teeth?
Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia
Samo Hung
Hwang Jang Lee

In which movie did Jackie have his only sex scene?
All In the Family
The Love Eternal
Magnificent Bodyguards

For which movie did Jackie learn to rollerskate?
Cannonball Run
The Big Brawl
Crime Story

During which movie was Jackie's nose most recently broken?
The Young Master
Mr. Nice Guy

Which movie is Jackie's favorite as far as action is concerned?
Drunken Master
Police Story
Armour of God

For what movie's Japanese release did Jackie's on-screen girlfriend "Chin Chin" have to be re-named because "Chin Chin" is Japanese slang for "penis"?
Snake In Eagle's Shadow
To Kill With Intrigue
Half a Loaf of Kung Fu

Which movie did Jackie finish only after disguising his broken ankle by painting the cast to look like a sneaker?
Dragon Lord
Rumble In the Bronx
The Protector

Which has Jackie not dislocated?

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