The Tonto Woman  

Take our quiz and test your knowledge of Elmore Leonard's western novels. The prize-winning period is over, but please do play for fun!

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1. From Last Stand at Sabre River, who was the half crazy former Civil War officer intent on keeping Paul Cable from reoccupying his former home on the Sabre River?

Duane Kitson
Vern Kitson
Bill Dancey

2. Why was John Russell on the stage that became the focal point of all of the action in Hombre?

He was travelling to a mining job in Bisbee
He had been left property by his adoptive father and had to return to claim it
He was going to meet his bride in Contention

3. In Cuba Libre, Cavalera decides that Charlie and Ben are smugglers not horse traders because:

Their boat is infamous and not for horses
Their boat is met by known insurgents when it docks in the harbor
The trade in horses is not profitable in Cuba

4. Who was the manager of the stage line in Hombre?

Henry Mendez
Frank Braden
Lamarr Dean

5. What are Spencer, Henry, Springfield and Enfield?

Frontier towns

6. In Cuba Libre, Virgil Webster exploded from the USS Maine only to land in the notorious Spanish prison El Morro because:

The hospital was so full they waylaid patients at El Morro
He spotted an unflagged vessel in the water before the explosion
He was held hostage in exchange for Spanish prisoners of war

7. What particular tribe of Indians is most often cited in Elmore Leonard's westerns?


8. In Cuba Libre, Amelia Brown became ill during the run across Cuba. Where did she hide?

The American base at Matanzas
Roland Bordeaux's plantation
The leper colony at Las Villas

9. The Tonto Woman's appearance is distinguished by what feature?

A scar across her left cheek
Blue facial tatoos
A long blonde braid

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