Get Shorty  

Take our quiz and test your knowledge of Elmore Leonard's Get Shorty. The prize-winning period is over, but please do play for fun!

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1. Who's tag line is "Look at me?"

Chili Palmer
Harry Zimm
Elmore Leonard

2. Name the movie that Michael Weir researched in Chili Palmer's old neighborhood.

The Cyclone
The Freaks
Grotesque, Part Two

3. How did Ernesto Palmer get tagged with the name Chili?

He liked hot foods.
He was a hot-tempered kid.
His face easily turned red.

4. What trivia area was Chili Palmer tremendously proficient in?

Nicknames of Famous Boxers
Surf Music

5. Why wasn't Chili Palmer a made man?

He did not make over a million dollars.
He wasn't 100% Italian.
He's never killed a man.

6. What was stashed in Locker C118 at LAX?

A videotape

7. What was Chili Palmer's profession when he lived in Miami Beach?

Body Guard

8. What article of clothing led Chili Palmer to Ray Barbone?

Black leather jacket
Lizard skin shoes
Grey fedora

9. What movie was Catlett watching after breaking into Karen's Weir's house to wait for Chili Palmer?

Rio Bravo
El Dorado
The Conformist

10. What is Chili Palmer's "street name" in Be Cool?

Chili the Notorious KMA

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