Rum Punch  

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1. In Riding the Rap, what was Roberto Deograciases notorious weapon?

A sawed-off shotgun
A switchblade
Garden pruners

2. In Gold Coast, Karen DiCilia is left millions by her husband unless she:

Murders his partner
Reveals their marriage to his mother
Sleeps with another man

3. In Out of Sight, Karen Cisco is employed as a:

Miami Police Officer
Deputy US Marshall
Prison Guard

4. In Out of Sight, Karen Cisco considered her favorite weapon to be evening wear. What was this weapon?

Glock 19
Sig Sauer .38
Smith & Wesson 41

5. Why is Judge Bob Isom Gibbs known as Maximum Bob?

He is the largest man to sit on the bench in the history of the state of Florida
He can wrestle alligators longer than anyone in competition in Florida
He puts more offenders on death row than any judge in the state of Florida

6. In Rum Punch, what is Jackie Burke's legitimate profession?

Tour Guide

7. What is Weeki Wachi in Maximum Bob?

A tropical resort
An underwater mermaid show
A surfer's hangout

8. In Pronto & Riding the Rap, Deputy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens is recognized by what kind of hat?

A baseball cap
A cowboy hat
A sombrero

9. What three characters are in The Switch and Rum Punch?

Ordell, Louis, & Melanie
Karen Flores, Ray Nicolet, & Max Cherry
Jackie Burke, Ordell & Harry Zimm

10. In Pronto, what famous American ex-patriate poet did Harry Arno encounter in Italy?

Wallace Stevens
Ezra Pound
T.S. Eliot

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