The Much Too Promised Land by Aaron David Miller

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For nearly twenty years, Aaron David Miller has played a central role in U.S. efforts to broker Arab-Israeli peace. His position as an advisor to presidents, secretaries of state, and national security advisors has given him a unique perspective on a problem that American leaders have wrestled with for more than half a century. Read more >

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Aaron David Miller

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Confirming Clinton: The Today Show talks to Aaron David Miller

In report by Andrea Mitchell discussing Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearing on this morning's Today Show, Aaron David Miller discusses the need for unanimity between the potential Secretary of State and President-elect Barack Obama in their approach to diplomatic problems in... more

No Shortage of Expert Advice on Mideast for Clinton

The New York Times interviewed Aaron David Miller in an article this morning, focusing on the experts who have been dispensing advice as to how Hillary Clinton should handle the Arab-Israeli conflict. "We've allowed our special relationship with Israel to... more

New Interviews with Aaron David Miller about the conflict in Gaza

Aaron David Miller has been featured in several recent articles discussing the Israeli operation in Gaza, Middle East diplomacy, and how the conflict will affect President-elect Barack Obama's plans. January 1, 2009: New York Times Clinton, Familiar With Pitfalls of... more

Team of Rivals -- A Prescription for Disaster

As the chattering classes pick up the idea of a team of rivals and apply it to Obama's approach to his own cabinet, one can only wonder and despair. It may have worked for Lincoln (even here you need to... more

Secretary of State Qualities? News media asks Miller what it takes to fill the role.

As buzz abounds that Hillary Clinton will be named Secretary of State by President-Elect Obama, news sources have turned this week to Aaron David Miller, who has advised six secretaries of state. In Thomas Friedman's Op-Ed New York Times piece... more

Further comment on the Los Angeles Times article from November 15, 2008.

As the rumors swirl faster regarding the possibility of Hillary Clinton as America's 67th Secretary of State, the question emerges: does she possess the four qualities I argue in my LA Times piece are essential for real effectiveness: persona, close... more