Praise for Elements of Style

"An arch and sexy high-society fantasy with edge… A tart tale of excess and retribution in the city.”—Booklist

“Pure Wendy! She effortlessly makes the leap from stage to page with a novel that is loving, compassionate, flat-out funny.”—John Guare

Elements of Style is chick-lit with a chill and a pedigree. Tom Wolfe and Edith Wharton can be found peeking through.”—Janet Maslin, New York Times

“A sleek, entertaining read that shares much of the wit and astuteness of Wasserstein’s plays.”—Caryn James, New York Times Book Review

“Playwright Wendy Wasserstein’s posthumous debut novel showcases all her comic gifts, and unforgettable Elements of Style.”—Vanity Fair

“At the heart of Wasserstein’s social critique lies the same intriguing paradox Henry James explored: those with old money, sophistication, and polish are attracted ot the raw energy (the vulgarity even) of society’s nakedly aspiring climbers.”—Elizabeth Judd, The Atlantic Monthly

“Wasserstein peppers her dishy humor with piquant and poignant insights, transcending the chick-lit clichés that Style flirts with. You would expect no less from such a sharp and generous spirit.”—Elysa Gardner, USA Today

“This beautiful little pink number with its stylish ribbon is just great. It is ‘chick lit’ fiction to end all such; only in Wendy’s case, there is more ‘lit’ to it than in others of the same genre.”—Liz Smith

“Bold, nimble and funny to its fingertips, Elements of Style is a delight, a triumph. A book that no self-respecting New Yorker should be without. Those cursed with the hell of multiple residences will self-evidently need several copies—and spares, for house-guests.”—Flora Fraser