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The Literature of Reality (1995)

As more and more young journalists, magazine writers, biographers, and other writers are conducting their research and writing with the aid of tape recorders, word processors, and other timesaving devices, Gay Talese and Barbara Lounsberry present in this volume the old-fashioned techniques of literary crafters whose methods emulate the laborious dedication of stonecutters, but whose words carry weight with discerning readers and with those who appreciate all things of lasting merit.

All twenty-nine selections in this anthology are examples of nonfiction, a form which can be as artful and dramatic and significant as the best efforts of our more revered dramatists, poets, and authors of fiction. What distinguishes nonfiction is that it is--or should be--based on facts, on material chosen in the author's mind. And yet creativeness in writing and organization is a legitimate part of literary nonfiction--as is made obvious in this anthology by such creative individuals as Annie Dillard, Norman Mailer, Joan Didion, Tobias Wolff, Art Spiegelman, and many others.

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