What's Your Personal Preparedness Plan?
Ten Questions to Start the Process

1. When was the last major disaster that affected your community? Your state?

2. How far are you from a nuclear power plant?

3. Do trains carrying potentially dangerous materials travel through or near your community?

4. Where are your children right now?

5. List the three people among your relatives and friends who would most need your assistance in a disaster.

6. Do you have someone out of your state or region you can depend on to serve as “information central” during a disaster when members of your family might be separated?

7. If someone collapsed near you, and you were the only adult in the vicinity, what would you do?

8. In the event of a major emergency involving you or your family, how soon do you think responders would come to assist you?

9. Are your children resilient? How do you think they would cope with an emergency situation where you had to evacuate your community?

10. What were you doing on the morning of September 11, 2001?

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