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» March 8, 2006

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These podcasts are Jay's audio tour diary while on the road promoting The Good Life. Click on the podcasts below to find out how the tour is going and what's on Jay's mind.

MARCH 8, 2006
LA, San Francisco, and Seattle

Jay makes "the list" and is presented with a stolen copy of a manuscript he wrote (but never published).

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MARCH 1, 2006
Los Angeles

On being mistaken for Bret Easton Ellis, making the L.A. Times bestseller list, and taking a trip down memory lane at Spago.

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FEBRUARY 14, 2006
New York, Again

On reading for a hometown audience including an ex-girlfriend and the age-old comparison of Jay to Bret Easton Ellis

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FEBRUARY 13, 2006
Jay's February 13 event in Atlanta is cancelled

Sorry to disappoint fans, but check back on the tour page in a few days. This event may be rescheduled.

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FEBRUARY 8, 2006

On fiction as disguised autobiography, being a "literary transvestite" and how Jay felt about a certain Sunday Styles piece in The New York Times.

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FEBRUARY 7, 2006
New York and Philadelphia

Jay reads an excerpt from The Good Life about love and marriage and fidelity, and dishes about his star-studded book party in New York.

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FEBRUARY 6, 2006
In the News: More Jay on the Web

We'll update this post to include links to more features on Jay or The Good Life online. E-mail us if we're missing something good.

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JANUARY 23, 2006

Jay reads a sexually explicit passage to a crowd in Houston, enjoys a tremendous meal and witnesses a drunken car crash.

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JANUARY 20, 2006
Introduction to The Good Life and Jay's tour

Jay McInerney introduces readers to his series of podcasts, reflects on why he wrote The Good Life, and rememembers book tour hijinks gone by.

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